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How to tie a tie "Prince Albert"

Node "Prince Albert" refers to the classical methods of forming a tie. However, it allows you to move away from the stereotypes imposed by the person in the suit. Allow yourself to be different, just adding the familiar style of a little asymmetry.

How to tie a tie

Instruction how to tie a tie "Prince Albert"

Step 1:

Lift the shirt collar and put the tie untied the wide side to the left. To the node has not turned out too bulky, take the narrow end of the tie a little shorter. Cross your ends of the tie so that the wide angle appeared at the top. Take the wide end turn around the narrow, forming a loop. To facilitate the formation Necktie node not tighten much the first loop. In order to avoid this, stick one finger in it.

Step 2:

Take another turn around the narrow end. Now, making the next round, a lift up to the end of the throat and pass from the top down through the loop. Note that the wide end of the tie should be passed through the loop, resulting in the first turn, and all circles should be three. This subtlety and distinguishes this from other Tie knot.

Step 3:

It is worth noting that the site does not need to tighten too tightly, forming a triangle of them. It is better to subtly weaken it. This will give the image more elegant negligence. The thinner the fabric tie the knot make bigger in, otherwise your image will seem incomplete.

Step 4:

Tie knot "Prince Albert" comes to shirts with a narrow collar. To tie, tied in a manner suitable for both monochrome and colored shirts and jackets. Simple Elegance Necktie node, you can use it as a costume for the office, as well as for festive clothes. Make sure that the corners of the collar did not close the node, or the shape of the tie visually distorted.

Step 5:

If you repeat these steps, but in the final stage to miss the wide end of the tie through the third loop, you will get a subspecies Tie knot "Prince Albert" - "Victoria". This method of tying a tie is suitable for special occasions, because gives the image a certain pomposity.