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How to tie a trendy cardigan

Cardigan - a knitted jacket. This item of women's wardrobe is very convenient and practical to wear. You can associate a warm long cardigan, and you can - summer tracery.

How to tie a trendy cardigan

Instruction how to tie trendy cardigan

Step 1:

The basis of all knitting cardigan is absolutely identical. The first thing to choose from which it will be connected. The choice of yarn depends on your preferences and the season. From thick woolen yarn knitted warm cardigan looks great this product is made from yarn buklirovannoy. If you wish to link the product to the summer months, then give preference to cotton yarn.

Step 2:

As a pattern you can use a coat or raincoat, the right size. Perform the following measurements: length and width of the sleeves, back width, length, width shelves. Furthermore, it is necessary to determine the width and depth of the notch, as well as its outline.

Step 3:

In order to determine the number of loops that you will need to dial the spokes, you first need to calculate how many loops fit in one centimeter. To do this, the selected yarn knit a small sample. The back cardigan fit without direct subtraction cloth from top to bottom. In the same breath should immediately close all the loops.

Step 4:

Shelves must be knit as well, but to do subtraction of loops needed for the cut line. To facilitate their work, often knitted fabric to apply the pattern. Try to follow strictly on the cut lines. Sleeve is usually knit from the bottom up. So you'd better start from the bottom as well, with the gum. Eraser try vyvyazyvayut, alternating and facial purl loops. Add on the sides on both sides in every fourth row by one loop. Once you provyazhete desired sleeve length, in the same row, close all the loops at once.

Step 5:

All parts of the product have to sew woolen thread. After that, the edges of the neck and shelves yet hinge type. For this purpose, it is desirable to use a long circular spokes, which are connected to the fishing line. They should be less basic spokes 1 resolution. Knit as 3-4 cm. Available close the loop. Cardigan is ready!