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How to tie around the neck arafatki

Scarf shemag has long been known in the Arab culture countries. In hot climates it is a must - tying him on the head, it is possible to escape from the scorching sun, and in a sandstorm it protects the eyes and mouth from dust, wind- blown. In Russia, this scarf is called arafatki not used for its intended purpose. Most often, Arafat is a fashion accessory like a scarf tied on his neck. There are several ways of tying arafatki.

How to tie around the neck arafatki

Instruction how to tie around the neck arafatki

Step 1:

On a flat surface arafatki fold diagonally so that a triangle. Attach a handkerchief to her face at nose level and slide the sharp corners of the back, and then wrap them around his neck, tied a handkerchief under the top layer. As a result, the neck and décolleté area must be closed triangular area handkerchief. So wear arafatki handy during the cold season, especially if you have an open cut of the coat collar. Tying a scarf so you will save yourself from the cold, and in strong frost is possible to raise the level of the nose to Arafat, and no cold you will not be afraid.

Step 2:

Fold the handkerchief diagonally so it forms a triangle. Nabroste it around his neck from behind and pull the ends hanging down to the middle of the chest. Loop the end of a handkerchief over the other so as to form a loose knot. Then tie the corners of Arafat as a tie. You should have something like a cape over his shoulders, neatly tied in the front. Arafatki, tied in such a way to be perfectly combined with a white shirt or T-shirt monochrome.

Step 3:

As with the first two methods, add a scarf on the diagonal triangle, screw it into a bundle and wrap several times around the neck. Hanging ends hide in the folds of arafatki. Very convenient to tie this way Arafat, if you put a sweater or sweater without throat.

Step 4:

There is a classic way of tying arafatki. Fold the scarf diagonally and throw with one of the arms. One acute angle put the handkerchief to the other between the opposite shoulder and the middle of the chest. Arafatki edges should lie on each other overlap, so that they could hold together a beautiful brooch or pin. So to tie Arab scarf can be if it got cold outside, and you dress with short sleeves.

Step 5:

Mated arafatki possible and under clothing collar - it needs to spin it into a bundle and fold in half. Lift up the collar and fling under it folded in half arafatki. The resulting loop slip the two loose ends of the handkerchief and tighten. Depending on how long the collar, or it can be lowered over the tissue, or leave raised.