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How to wash a shirt

Shirt is often not only the article of clothing, but also an indicator of style and status of men. Therefore, it should always be clean, fresh and ironed. Many textile companies recommend to wash a shirt at least once in two days. However, after frequent washing the product can come into disrepair, so there are a few simple rules of washing shirts.

How to wash a shirt

Instruction how to wash a shirt

Step 1:

The easiest way - to carry things to the dry cleaners. After a few days you will give them clean and fresh. However, this may not always be cheaply, and some fabrics are not suitable for cleaning.

Step 2:

Wash by hand - this is the most frequently recommended option of washing shirts. The fabric is not deformed, which means that the thing will serve you for a long time. Make sure that the water temperature does not exceed forty degrees. First, soak the shirt, with particular emphasis on collars and cuffs. Lather and then go over it several times with a special brush for fabric. If there is a spot, then they put a little stain remover. After a few minutes will proceed to washing jacket. Many manufacturers do not recommend pressing shirts, so after rinsing your product just hang on a hanger and wait until dry.

Step 3:

Wash the shirt can also in the washing machine. As with hand washing, the shirt should be first dunk, and cuffs and collar Lather. Then wash it in a delicate washing machine mode at thirty degrees. It is desirable to use no powder and soap. Disable function extraction and drying, the fabric remains soft and not wrinkled, and collar and cuffs kept its shape. After washing the shirt flatten and dry on hangers.