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How to wash silk

Natural silk - fabric truly elite, expensive. Products made of this material, be it dresses, blouses, linen or curtains require very careful care, including special precautions when washing. How to wash things made of natural silk, to serve as long as possible?

How to wash silk

Instruction how to wash silk

Step 1:

Many silk things manufacturers put a mark that can not be washed at all, is permitted only in the dry cleaning process. It is not possible to wash silk, but in any case not in the washing machine. Defeat the temptation to take a risk and scroll through favorite dresses and blouses in the drum, even putting mode "delicate wash" and disabling the spin. We'll have to choose: to regret their pens or favorite thing.

Step 2:

Prepare water for hand washing, better boiled, not hotter than 40 ° C, and even better - 30. Create a soap solution or powder with a thick, persistent foam. In no case do not use tools with bleach and bio-additives, those used to remove stubborn dirt. Ideal - a neutral detergent or baby soap. However, now in stores have the means specifically designed for washing silk.

Step 3:

For a short time, soak the silk thing, but not lather over the same place, do not rub the fabric, do not remove and do not wring it in a pinch - just a little bit. If the product is white silk, before washing can soak in an aqueous solution of soap to brown. Also nice bran pour water, to insist, drain and put in the resulting infusion of white silk, let stand, and then washed.

Step 4:

If silk color and bright, cook the potato for soaking solution. Boil brushed potatoes (1 kg 2 liters of water), pour broth and put it in silk product. Cover and leave for 1-2 hours, then remove and pour in 2 tablespoons potato water alcohol, again put the thing there. Very gently wash and get to to rinse.