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How to wash the jacket leatherette

Now on sale there are many products, including jackets, made of artificial leather. It is not that familiar to you from childhood leatherette, which after some time began to hang around the stake, came quickly into disrepair and lost appearance. Modern artificial leather is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Many people choose jacket of this material due to the fashion for environmental goods and, more importantly, because of the low price. How to care for a jacket made of artificial leather, to serve longer?

How to wash the jacket leatherette

Instruction how to wash leatherette jacket

Step 1:

Look carefully at the labels that are sewn to the garment. If there indicated that it is washable, you can download the item in the washing machine, following all the instructions, that is, at what time and temperature to do it. It is best when washing to avoid spinning. Even if the product is allowed to be cleaned in this way. Remember, squeezing may spoil it.

Step 2:

If you can not wash the jacket, it will have to clean it in a different way. You can not handle the Anti-jackets, which contain powerful solvents or particularly active chemicals. It can destroy the PVC coating from which basically done artificial leather.

Step 3:

Do not use bleach, and do not scrape the spot, at the artificial skin less durable structure than the natural material.

Step 4:

It is best to dissolve in warm water and neutral detergent action, and then soaking it in a soft cloth, then wipe the surface with a sponge or cloth.

Step 5:

It is also good to use a solution of alcohol and water at the rate of 50 ml per 50 ml. After you've wiped all contamination cleaning solution, wipe again with a damp cloth, then dry.

Step 6:

When cleaning the jacket hang it in the bathroom or spread a skin side up on a flat surface. Be careful to not get wet cloth backing. Otherwise, it can cause uneven drying and warped edge.

Step 7:

Dry your jacket after cleaning at room temperature, not near the battery and not in the sun, or thing may be deformed.

Step 8:

In the case where the soiled liner, you must either gently rebuffed her, wash and sew or thing referred to the dry cleaners. The dry-cleaning can be attributed, and if you still can not clean your product. To your jacket taken in cleaning and quality to wash, you need to label all products are safe.