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How to wash velvet

Velvet things though look extremely beautiful, very capricious and demanding to maintain. They need gentle handling and care. Wash velvet independently in most cases impossible. Some people who are not afraid experiments, tried to erase the velvet is not only manually, but also in the washing machine. wash is, of course, choose the tort and the means chosen are very forgiving. But the result of such washing is difficult to predict, it can justify itself, and can completely ruin the fabric.

How to wash velvet

Instruction how to wash velvet

Step 1:

It is best to carry things in velvet dry cleaning, entrusting the care of professionals with a cloth. If this is not possible, you can try to deal with the problem at home, following a series of precautions and acting very gently and carefully.

Step 2:

Laundry products made of cotton and synthetic velvet is only possible in the not too hot water (30 degrees) and by hand, it must be remembered that the thing should be twisted on the wrong side. Velvet did not squeeze and dried it, spread out on a flat surface. Silk and velvet viscose do not wash yourself. That's exactly it is better to give to the dry cleaners.

Step 3:

To just update the product and refresh its appearance, you can steam the velvet. It is necessary to fill the thing clean rags and briefly hold it over a saucepan of boiling water. Also things velvet treated with a soft brush, a little soaked in gasoline. The direction of movement is also important. First drive the brush against the nap, and then - on the pile fabric.

Step 4:

To remove dust from the velvet fabric, use cloth dampened with water and a well wrung cloth or sponge. Led by a sponge material must be handled carefully and gently, without rubbing the dust inside. For these purposes, you can use a hair dryer, wrapped in a towel.

Step 5:

The spots of stearin, or waxes, although difficult, but still can be deduced. They are usually removed by alcohol or turpentine.

Step 6:

Grease stains with a velvet fabric printed using ethyl alcohol and warm water solution. Mix the ingredients in the following proportions: one glass of water for one tablespoon of wine alcohol.

Step 7:

Stains from food output of warm water to which is added denatured alcohol or ammonia. In one glass of water dilute one tablespoon of ammonia, moisten a soft cloth with this solution and rub the soiled spot. Velvet product should be pre-hold over steam.

Step 8:

One tablespoon ammonia solution ten tablespoons of cold water - the composition of the solution, which helps to get rid of zalosnennyh places. It is necessary to moisten the swab or brush into the solution and very gently rub it or fatty zalosnivshiesya place. Then the treated place should be rinsed with water.