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How to wash wool sweater

Woolen items are indispensable in cold weather. They are warm and comfortable, but they are very difficult to erase. One careless action, and the thing sit or stretch. Fortunately, wool slowly polluted, so it should be washed rarely, and when it comes the need, the main thing - to follow the rules. In this case, all will be well, and your item will be as good as new.

How to wash wool sweater

You will need:

1) Washing powder, suitable for wool; 2) fabric softener; 3) washing pouch.

Instruction how to wash wool sweater

Step 1:

Mode selection. So, first put the sweater in a bag for washing in the washing machine, add detergent and conditioner. Then set the desired mode. Many models have a function of wool washing, and if not, select the delicate cycle or hand wash cycle. This sparing most embodiments, the lowest speed of the drum. In this case, things are not damaged or deformed.

Step 2:

The choice of temperature. Wool can not be washed with hot water - something immediately sit down. The highest allowable temperature - 30 degrees. Be sure to check what the water temperature means the chosen wash cycle. If too high, then choose another mode, or manually adjust desired.

Step 3:

Spin. Be sure to turn off this feature, otherwise things will be damaged. Do not approach even the soft spin, as the drum rotates at a speed of at least 500 revolutions per minute, that one hundred percent probability will lead to deformation of things. The same applies to the hand-pressed - wet woolen thread stretched, if you try to squeeze a woolen article of clothing. So instead of spinning better wait 10 minutes after the end of the wash cycle, the excess water to the glass and all.

Step 4:

Drying. Due to the fact that you can not use hand squeeze and squeeze woolen things, they are dried for a long time. This process is by no means impossible to try to speed up. If you hang a wool sweater to dry on the battery and put in the sun, it will be rough and compacted to form, and the thread will become more brittle, so that the thing can break even when you try to put on it. Another complication - sweaters and things like that can not be hung on the rope. In this case, they can stretch out, and from the very rope will clear untidy scar that can not be eliminated with the help of ironing. So the method of drying is only one: carefully lay the garment on a clean dry surface (such as a table) and do not touch until dry.

Step 5:

Valet. Ironed wool should be at moderate temperatures. It is best to choose on the iron "wool" mode, it provides the desired temperature and is accompanied by a steam humidification. If you do not steam iron, iron things need through a clean damp cloth. Iron the tidy and without pressure, otherwise you risk to stretch the product.