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How to wear a long necklace

Long necklace - an accessory that is unlikely to go out of fashion. Each season, designers invariably include in their collection of different variations of this decoration. Change the texture, materials and din, but the beads did not leave fashionistas wardrobe.

How to wear a long necklace

You will need:

- beads; - Pendant.

Instruction how to wear long necklaces

Step 1:

Select the most appropriate to your beads. If you want to visually stretch silhouette give preference to models of small, elongated. To draw attention to the neck area will jewelery with an increasing downward decor. Do not choose a necklace, matching the color of the clothes. They can be completely contrasting shade that will help you brush up on even a low-key image of the office.

Step 2:

Put beads in one layer unwound throughout their length. At the same time, make sure that the accessory does not fall below waist level. This option is relevant in the socks if you have chosen jewelery complex texture that combines a variety of details and colors.

Step 3:

Try to wrap the beads around the neck, down the longer of the lower level of the chest. This option is ideal for the classic white pearl strings. However, you can use it for long necklaces more interesting texture. The main thing - to choose the plastic models that can fall freely and not burden your image.

Step 4:

Wrap long beads neck several times, turning them into a massive necklace: it is the decoration at the height of fashion today. It is best to combine this accessory with a more restrained, monochromatic clothing. For a more dramatic image can add beads to the large suspension in tone or fancy pendant.

Step 5:

Choose an evening dress with open back and long wear beads vice versa. Flowing and exquisitely moving strand of shiny stones on the back always draw to you attention.