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How to wear a tie

Tie - a constant attribute of any suit business man and a symbol of responsibility and businesslike. The tie can be a cause of pride for its owner, if you know how to select it properly to the rest of the suit and tie correctly.

How to wear a tie

Instruction how to put on a tie

Step 1:

Without a tie is impossible to imagine any successful businessman or a bank employee, let alone superior. To become a real gem of a tie for the owner, it is necessary to carry out simple instructions. Correctly pick up the color of the tie, and his drawing. On the most appropriate medium-sized dark tie with a repeating pattern. It is an accessory suitable for light-colored shirt and will give you a serious and businesslike. On a corporate party or a birthday party, you can choose a tie bright colors, but it still must be suitable to the suit and not to attract too much attention.

Step 2:

Tie a Tie knot. If you have not yet mastered to perfection the technique of tying a tie, the best option for you would be to Windsor - the classic and most common unit in Europe.

Step 3:

The wide end of your tie should be left to shift through the narrow, and then back to hold forth in a loop. Now pull the wide end of your tie-down, and then move it to the right. Pull the wide end through the front neck loop, and then move to the left. Get Over node need to spend the end of the back to the right. Now hold the wide end through the back of the resulting cervical loop up. Pull the wide end through the free formed front eyelet, then tighten it a needle.

Step 4:

Node ready. Of course, the Windsor is not the most elegant of Tie knots, but the easiest. By understanding the ability to tie a tie in this way, you can learn the freestyle, the American unit, double knot, criss-cross and many different options. The ability to wear a tie - serious art, but the reward you may be more attention female colleagues, respect for superiors and, if you're lucky a little bit, even success in their careers.