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How to wear a tunic

Tunic - is the one thing that never goes out of fashion. Appearing in ancient Greece, tunics are still relevant and one of the women's wardrobe favorite subjects of all ages. What is the secret of this universality? It's simple. Thanks to the cut, tunic can be beneficial to emphasize the dignity of both the figures and successfully hide flaws. It can be worn in the hot summer and rainy autumn, the beach or in a restaurant. However, still open the main question: how, and most importantly, what to wear with a tunic to look your best?

How to wear a tunic

Instruction how to wear a tunic

Step 1:

Tunic as a dress. If tunic length allows, it is quite possible to wear as an independent outfit, in free form or with a belt. Belt can choose to your taste: wide or narrow at the waist or below. However, this option is appropriate only in the summer; during the cold season tunic-dress "bottom" will look unnatural.

Step 2:

Tunica like blouse. By choosing this option, you need to pay careful attention to the rest of the outfit. Harmonically here will look jeans, leggings, pants or stretch pants. Suit and pencil skirt or the mini. In this case it is important to emphasize the contrast with strict air top bottom. Option tunic with shorts or mini is quite suitable for discos, and, if the street is not hot under the shorts can safely wear tights.

Step 3:

Tunics and knits. Very convenient combination. In cool weather, the tunic can be worn over T-shirts, shirts, turtlenecks, or golf. Warm, comfortable, practical and very elegant.

Step 4:

Outerwear. Air tunic best be combined with a strict dress upper cut: This short coats, form-fitting jackets, blazers or cardigans.

Step 5:

Tunic and shoes. Choose a tunic proper footwear is quite simple. By the summer version suited as a flat sandals go ( "ballerina" or "Gladiator") and a heel or platform shoes. The more cold weather wear boots or boots.

Step 6:

Tunics, tend to have a fairly bright color or print, so the rest of the clothing items should not stand out too much. Only in this way will be able to create a harmonious and stylish way.

Step 7:

As for jewelry and accessories, the tunic of love, you can not be afraid to overdo it. Try to add to the image of a pretty massive beads, bright earrings or bracelets. Particularly relevant are the items will look with tunics, made in the ethnic style.