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How to wear high-heeled boots

High heel lengthens the leg, advantageously alter the proportions of the figure and gives a sexy and chic even the simplest outfit. By purchasing high-heeled boots, properly register them in your wardrobe, and supplement missing accessories, if necessary.

How to wear high-heeled boots

Instruction how to wear high-heeled boots

Step 1:

Choose a suitable model of boots. Extreme stud is not for everyone. In addition, these boots are combined only with extravagant outfits. With the business suits and casual dresses, they look too aggressively, but with mini-skirts and tight jeans - vulgar.

Step 2:

Universal option - long boots with moderately high heel in 7-8 centimeters. Such footwear is appropriate and in the work, and in a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, it is comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Step 3:

Long boots with heels wear only skirts. Shorter models can be worn under pants. For example, an example of one-color model with straight trousers of the same color, you will visually lengthen legs. The lower edge of the leg must be close to half of the heel. Shorter pants will create an impression that you are just grown out of them.

Step 4:

With straight and narrow skirts knee-length harmony tall, skinny leg boots of fine leather. Shorter skirts carry free-form models that have a direct bootleg. These boots are quite appropriate in a business setting, especially if you stop the selection on models restrained dark colors - black, dark brown or graphite gray.

Step 5:

In an informal atmosphere combine high boots with a medium length skirt, covering the knee. Very interesting looks slightly flared styles or pleated skirts. To legs seemed graceful, enduring ensemble in one color. If this is not possible, please note that the shoes should be darker.

Step 6:

Buying boots, think about other accessories. Stylists do not recommend to buy several sets of items of the same style and color. Experiment with colors and shapes. To boot on a moderately wide heel pick up the bulk bag, a thin studs - large flat clutch or bag-sack. Do not forget the belt - it perfectly complement the set, making it a bit aggressive, but very stylish.