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How to wear high shoes

High shoes are popular with many girls. Still - they are not only the classic sports, but also with a variety of prints and patterns, jeans, khakis, knee-length, with heels or platform. And that's all you need to know how to combine with other wardrobe items.

How to wear high shoes

You will need:

extensive wardrobe, shoes.

Instruction how to wear high shoes

Step 1:

The first thing you need to decide what kind of shoes you have. If this is a classic sports car, then of course, you can wear them with a sports suit during exercise or jogging in the park. In these classic sneakers comfortable to walk in hiking and they will look great with jeans-pipes - it is comfortable and stylish. At the same time remember that the rules of shoes tucked in skinny jeans. This visually lengthens the leg, making them slimmer, and in the campaign will save you from unpleasant acquaintance with tongs.

Step 2:

If over your sneakers designers bother, then with a sports suit them should not be worn. Pick a high sneakers short (not fitting figure) skirt, funny t-shirt. Beautifully will look a combination of high kedov and golf. To this you can add a set of socks on his hands, and a short skirt can also be replaced by shorts and breeches.

Step 3:

If you denim sneakers, prefer a short denim skirt, or the jeans sundress. This outfit is suitable for active women 30 and will not look at them ridiculous. Also denim clothing will look beautiful shoes khaki. Comfortable denim bag favorably complement the outfit.

Step 4:

Sneakers on the platform heels or wear with dresses above the knee. It is not necessary to choose an evening dress or overly romantic dress with lace. But dress in casual style will look great with high sneakers.

Step 5:

Purchase a hoodie, they look good with sneakers high. If your clothing style allows this, dress as follows: hoodie, colored tights or leggings, high shoes. This will create the image of a fragile teenage girl.

Step 6:

Wear leggings or skinny jeans - it's a win-win option for high kedov any style that is appropriate in almost any situation.