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How to wear Pavlovsky Posad shawls

Russian style of dress is gaining popularity again. And imagine a Russian beauty without luxury Pavlovo Posad shawl impossible. If you learn how to combine this element with everyday clothes, will be at the height of fashion, and at the same time, will find individuality.

How to wear Pavlovsky Posad shawls

Instruction how to wear Pavlovsky Posad shawls

Step 1:

Wool scarves are an indispensable accessory in the cold season. Autumn bright scarves look good with a leather jacket. Wear it as a neckerchief, a scarf so he choose small size, it is better with brushes. Color matched to the color of the jacket. If classic black jacket, the perfect bright red or burgundy handkerchief.

Step 2:

Brunettes can emphasize its bright appearance of green or blue coloring handkerchief. By the brown suit jacket white scarf with a bright ornament. White jacket noticeably enliven pale blue flowers on a white background. And do not fear that bright scarf on a white background lost jacket. Too bright accent, on the other hand, will look clumsy.

Step 3:

If you are looking for an accessory coat, stop for woolen shawls large size - shawls. They are usually snapped up top coats. Shali better emphasize the shiny fur, at the same time protecting it from friction, if you are in a public place.

Step 4:

But wearing Pavlovo Posad Shawl color as possible if you want to create an expressive image. In this case, wear a short fur coat and boots with fashionable embroidery. Then you really create a real image, and Russian will look organically.

Step 5:

Russian summer scarves wearing a poncho. For this purpose, large shawl folded diagonally, sew one bright button. Under the scarf, wear a turtleneck and jeans. And no longer need any additional accents.

Step 6:

The popular denim jacket supplement cervical accessories. Ideal with a jacket looks white handkerchief with delicate pattern. Tie it can be of the type "arafatki".

Step 7:

Use scarves and fashion accessories for sewing. From the web, you can cut out even purse-trunk or blouse. But in any case, stick to the principle of moderation. All attention should be only one bright accent, all other things have to emphasize the beauty of their modesty shawl.