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How to wear short leather jacket

Short leather jacket found a place in the heart of every fashionista: it is convenient both for shopping and for an evening out. The original image depends primarily on the selection of accessories and other items of clothing: in one of the same jacket can look like a star of rock 'n' roll or romantic Turgenev girl.

How to wear short leather jacket

Instruction how to wear short leather jacket

Step 1:

The short waist jacket is perfect to showcase fashion style trousers and skirts, long coat that conceals mercilessly. Therefore, leather jackets look as good with jeans on the high landing, skirts, smell and ostromodnye breeches. The best accessories are bright lacquer belt, scarf and glasses surround-pilots, which will give your image a retro charm. Long skirts to the ankle will also be relevant. They need to pick up a colorful scarf in the style of "free artist" and a soft bulk bag.

Step 2:

Since the short jacket is not too practical in cold days they must be combined with warm clothes. Choose a long, tight-fitting sweater tunic mid-thigh or form-fitting hoodies. Welcome pullover discreet pastel colors, but with an interesting texture or jersey knit. Now in vogue layering, so do not be afraid to lay on top of the hood hoodies jackets or sweaters to release the collar in a "collar."

Step 3:

Black jacket with rivets, oblique zipper or fur reminiscent of the free spirit of rock 'n' roll. It is better to choose a dress shirt or a long tunic, leggings and ankle boots that can replace the flat-heeled boots on. In order not to look like a fan of the group "Aria", it is necessary to observe moderation in the selection of accessories and clothes. Jacket, black leather jackets is self-contained and bright accent, so give preference to monochrome colors and avoid extra decorations.

Step 4:

Special chic is to wear a leather jacket with dresses. Maximum length is appropriate for continuous-tone dresses Greek style: the overestimated waist and a light airy fabrics, smooth wrinkles, give the image of tenderness and romance. To add an image to help large earrings. Win-Win is a combination of a short jacket and a close fitting dress, follow the contours of the figures, but not too body hugging. Use a cloth with an active bright pattern, patent leather shoes or boots as well as a clutch bag or envelope.