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With What Is Best To Wear Cape

With what is best to wear cape

Very popular in the 1960s cape comes back into fashion. In mid-1960, reflecting the love of geometry in prints and various forms of clothing fashionistas, Pierre Cardin made a very popular one type of outerwear - cape.

From English "Cape» ( «cape») is translated as "light cloak." A similar type of clothing was deeply…

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How To Select Items

How to select items

Trying to meet the latest trends in fashion, wanting to achieve a certain popularity or success, people pay more attention to their appearance and clothing. Every morning wardrobe becomes a "magic box" from which you want to extract the very thing that will survive the coming day comfortable and in a good mood. Particularly relevant right combination…

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How To Dress To The Reception

How to dress to the reception

Going to a reception, should pay particular attention to the selection of his attire. In addition, it should be beautiful and appropriate, it will also need to feel free and comfortable enough.

Instruction how to dress to the reception

Step 1:

When choosing clothes, guided by the place and time of the event. In any case,…

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How To Remove The Gloss From The Iron

How to remove the gloss from the iron

It happens that on the clothing appears shine as a result of incorrectly chosen method of ironing. Fabric shines because of temperature damage to its upper layers. There are many ways to remove the gloss from the iron.

You will need:

- vinegar, - soap, - gauze, - Newspaper - Iron

Instruction how to…

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How To Be Modern

How to be modern

Woman modern and self-confident - a woman dressed well. It argued the French, who know a lot about beauty, style and fashion. If you want to always look modern and stylish, work on your wardrobe and buy things only after careful analysis of the new trends.

Instruction how to be modern

Step 1:

Fashion changes as quickly as…

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How To Make Yourself Christmas Costume

How to make yourself christmas costume

A few years ago the purchase of carnival costume could be a big problem. But even now, when stores offer quite a wide range of similar goods for both children and adults, some people still prefer to do the costumes with their own hands. And it is largely justified, because you can make yourself a…

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How To Wear A Tie

How to wear a tie

Tie - a constant attribute of any suit business man and a symbol of responsibility and businesslike. The tie can be a cause of pride for its owner, if you know how to select it properly to the rest of the suit and tie correctly.

Instruction how to put on a tie

Step 1:

Without a tie…

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How To Clean Clothes From Plasticine

How to clean clothes from plasticine

In the process of working with clay, even an adult is very easy to stain your clothes. What can we say about children. Besides the fact that they get dirty, also like to keep the pieces of clay in unexpected places, which can be unpleasant "surprise" for the other family members. Fortunately, there is a…

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How To Dress Fashionable And Cheap

How to dress fashionable and cheap

There is an opinion that it is fashionable to dress can be only in the presence of a thick wallet. In fact, it is fashionable and stylish look is not those who are willing to shell out a huge sum for any brand, and those who are able to find their own style of dress.…

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Masking Figure Flaws Clothing

Masking figure flaws clothing

The vast majority of women concerned about the problems of the figure. Unfortunately, saggy tummy or plump thighs - this is not the shortcomings, from which it is possible to get rid of a couple of days. But they can be masked by using clothing.

Big belly One of the particular problems faced by women - the…

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How To Clean Wax From Fabric

How to clean wax from fabric

From the appearance of wax stains on the fabric one can not be insured. Therefore this problem is not a reason for rejecting a romantic dinner by candlelight. Display this trail is quite simple, even at home.

You will need:

- denatured alcohol - paper towels - iron

Instruction how to clean wax from fabric

Step 1:…

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How To Distinguish Mouton

How to distinguish Mouton

Mouton coat - the best choice for an urban resident. Mouton beautiful, warm, not afraid nor snow, nor rain, it is enough socks. With such virtues coat inexpensive enough that it is an additional plus.

Instruction how to distinguish Mouton

Step 1:

In the production of Mouton sheepskin sheared, and the thing has a plush look. This fur…

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How To Dress For A Photograph

How to dress for a photograph

Photographer - this is an interesting and creative profession. How should look like a modern photographer? Is there a special dress code for the men of this profession? After all, the nature of their activities they have to happen on a variety of events.

Instruction how to dress for a photograph

Step 1:

If you are…

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Rain Style Is Not An Obstacle How To Look Fashionable, Despite The Bad Weather

Rain style is not an obstacle! How to look fashionable, despite the bad weather

With the arrival of autumn is changing not only the nature but also the urban fashionistas wardrobe. In today's world necessarily risking your health to look stylish and feminine. Enough to buy a few essential and stylish gizmos and boldly splashed through the puddles.

Stylish umbrella

To protect…

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How To Sew A Hat

How to sew a hat

Hat in our time has long ceased to be just a hat that protects from the piercing icy wind and cold. Now it's a fashion accessory, the most profitable way emphasizing your unique style, bright refreshing emphasis in the manifestation of personality. Offers designers a variety of options often generates weaker sex desire not to look…

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How To Choose A Women'S Cardigan

How to choose a women's cardigan

English Earl of Cardigan, James came up with knitted wool collarless jacket over two hundred years ago. Initially cardigan was exclusively male clothing, but eventually migrated to the female wardrobe. For over forty years, this user-friendly and highly functional garment goes out of fashion. Selecting cardigans knitwear in stores is quite large. Varies styles and…

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What Are The Relevant Bathing Suits This Summer

What are the relevant bathing suits this summer

Beach season has already begun, so if you have not got a new bathing suit, learn the basic fashion trends and rather go for shopping! In 2012, the fashion gives you the widest range of styles and colors to suit every taste and figure.

Instruction how relevant this summer swimwear

Step 1:

In 2012,…

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How To Lace Up Corset

How to lace up corset

It has long ceased to be an attribute of corsets vintage costumes belonging to the past era - Today corsets, both classic and modern, it has become an indispensable attribute of women's style. Corset profitable emphasizes the silhouette of a female figure, it gives its external appearance elegance, as well as exterior hides flaws, forming a…

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How To Calculate The Size Of The Breast

How to calculate the size of the breast

While in the store, we often can not accurately be called the size of your bust. Much more difficult to choose the closest you as a gift to underwear. But to calculate the size of the breast is a snap. We need a tailor's meter and the ability to do simple mathematical calculations.…

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How To Wear Jeans For Men

How to wear jeans for men

Men's Jeans have long lost the status of exclusively working pants. Today they are in the office and on picnics, famous fashion designers include them in their collections. To jeans favorably highlighted your strengths, delicately concealing defects, to teach them to choose and skillfully combined with clothes, already available in your wardrobe.

Instruction how to…

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