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How To Determine The Size Of The Us Clothing

How to determine the size of the US clothing

The stores often you can find clothes made in America, but the buyer may have difficulty in determining the size of its US, because designations vary greatly from the usual us. Of course, you can ask the sales assistant to pick up your item, but it is more convenient and easier to…

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How To Determine The Size Of The Cap

How to determine the size of the cap

The headpiece is a crown of the entire image. That cap or hat especially catches the eye and creates the overall impression of the person. However, even the most fashionable and elegant cap is not to face, if it is too close or, on the contrary, moves down awkwardly on his nose because…

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How To Reduce The Size Of Things

How to reduce the size of things

The main thing to suit sat. This golden rule is necessary to guide the choice of any thing. However, it also happens that little thing that you liked, a little too big, and similar, but smaller, the store is not available. Or the thing you loved last season, would fit for this, but, alas…

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How To Choose The Size Of Gloves

How to choose the size of gloves

It is hard to imagine a complete image from the collection spring-autumn stylish without gloves. They should ideally be combined with other wardrobe items - bags, hats and shoes. But before planning a purchase, you need to decide the size of the gloves.

You will need:

- tape measure.

Instruction how to choose the size…

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How To Increase The Size Of Clothes

How to increase the size of clothes

My favorite blouse sat down after washing? Or somehow it became difficult buttoned zipper on the skirt? Reasons can look, but for now the best you can eliminate these small troubles. Increase the size of clothes and very easy at home.

You will need:

- sewing machine; - Ripper; - Iron; - Threads, needles and…

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How To Clean The Pen

How to clean the pen

Often a child, fascinated by drawing, using pen can try to decorate the walls or furniture, or to demonstrate the ability to design, ornamented clothes. Therefore, many parents are faced with the need to wash different surfaces of the drawings.

Instruction how to clean pen

Step 1:

If a child is using a waterproof pen, try to…

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How Fashionable To Paint This Summer

How fashionable to paint this summer

Each season has its own trend - and in clothing and shoes, and hairstyles and even makeup. Famous stylists set the tone and make recommendations as necessary to properly painted. Season summer 2012 was no exception.

One of the fashion trends this summer - wide eyebrows. Of course, this does not mean you have to…

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When Sales Begin

When sales begin

Almost all over the world are satisfied with the trade sector sales, the stores attract huge crowds. Who does not like to buy things in two or three times cheaper! Or buy three copies for the price of two, or buy two and get the third for free.

Usually such actions take place abroad in the winter and…

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How Can I See Old Stains From Clothes

How can I see old stains from clothes

Stains on clothes are the real problem, which sooner or later face even the neat woman. However, the problem of getting rid of the stains can not be, if you know some of the secrets of their removal.

You will need:

citric acid, ammonia, borax solution, petrol, magnesium powder, hydrochloric acid

Instruction how to…

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How To Make A Suit Of Santa Claus

How to make a suit of Santa Claus

If New Year's Eve you decide to dress up as Santa Claus, then you definitely need to dress this personage. Of course, you can buy it in the store, but you can do it yourself, the more that it is absolutely simple.

You will need:

coat, belt, hat, boots, stick and bag, also need…

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How To Get Rid Of Chewing Gum On The Jeans

How to get rid of chewing gum on the jeans

Stuck to jeans chewing gum - a rather unpleasant thing. Especially if you were in soiled clothes all day. But do not throw out jeans. From gum can completely get rid of simple means at hand.

You will need:

- ice; - dishwashing liquid; - Scotch; - Iron; - A clean sheet…

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Cape For Evening Dress: Advice On Choosing

Cape for evening dress: advice on choosing

Typically, the fair sex carefully choose a dress for special occasions, but often forget that even the most beautiful outfit will not make image harmonious and complete without the right accessories. One of these accessories - cape in evening dress, which allows not only to make along the exquisite and elegant appearance, but also…

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How To Dress Properly

How to dress properly

There are no universal recommendations about what kind of clothes to wear women - it depends on the individual pieces. But if you manage to find the right your wardrobe, you can only through this visually throw not only a few kilograms, but also for several years.

Instruction how to dress properly

Step 1:

Wishing to appear slimmer,…

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How To Choose The Size Of Trousers

How to choose the size of trousers

Knowledge of their size is much simplifies the process of buying clothes, including pants. If the size of the domestic quite simple, the foreign labeling can lead to some confusion.

You will need:

Measuring tape, pen, paper, calculator, pants.

Instruction how to choose the size of the trousers

Step 1:

Remember that the size of the…

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How To Whiten Fox

How to whiten fox

Fox gained universal love among women. His fur is always in fashion and is used as a base material for many items of women's clothing, gives the possessor the beauty, comfort and warmth.

Instruction how to whiten fox

Step 1:

Over time, and especially from the sunlight shining fur loses its original form and begins to turn yellow.…

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How To Clean Chewing Gum From Pants

How to clean chewing gum from pants

Clear gum from things difficult, but not impossible. If you have found an unfortunate misunderstanding in the pants, do not worry, even if they were purchased recently. All of the following cleaning agents will not spoil the color of things, because they do not contain acids and other corrosive substances specifically.

Instruction how to…

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How To Sew Women'S Shorts

How to sew women's shorts

Shorts, like trousers, were borrowed from the male wardrobe for a long time and for a long time. They are worn both in summer and in the cold season, the beach and in the office. Using the same short the pattern, you can make a variety of models for work and leisure.

You will need:

- 60-80…

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How To Choose A Gold Watch

How to choose a gold watch

These gold watch - a very expensive accessory that will accentuate your respectability and elegance. To the bought item could bring you joy for a long time and worked well, it is important to be careful when it is selected.

Instruction how to choose a gold watch

Step 1:

First of all, when buying gold watches…

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How To Lace Up Boots

How to lace up boots

Usually sold already laced shoes. But the laces are torn, they will need to pull out the washing or if you just want to change the color. You will be surprised to know that there are dozens of ways to lace shoes.

Instruction how to tie his shoes

Step 1:

The easiest - classic zigzag. Pass the…

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What Kind Of Bag To Wear With A Fur Coat

What kind of bag to wear with a fur coat

Women's handbag - an essential accessory without which it can not do any one of the fair sex. Currently on the shelves provided a huge range of bags, and sometimes very difficult to choose an appropriate product that would not only like the look, but also combined with one or more…

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