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How To Dress In Israel

How to dress in Israel

Visiting Eastern countries with an abundance of Orthodox territories, it should be remembered not only about the rules of conduct, but also the appearance. In Israel, casual clothing, a familiar, for example, in Tel Aviv, not acceptable for visits to Jerusalem.

Instruction how to dress in Israel

Step 1:

In order not to be very different from…

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How To Display The Marker Spot

How to display the marker spot

Before you prefer breeding spots, take some measures that will not allow the spot to spread, absorb deeper and wither. It is necessary to wet the stain with a damp cloth or a cloth, but in any case it can not be overwritten.

Instruction how to get a spot on the marker

Step 1:

Directly to…

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How To Choose A Dress

How to choose a dress

How to choose a dress - this is a key question, probably every woman. Choosing the dress is not as simple as it seems at first glance, a lot should be considered.

Instruction how to choose a dress

Step 1:

Before going to the store, think about what kind of thing you want to buy. Decide on…

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How To Combine Shoes With Clothes

How to combine shoes with clothes

Stylish and fashionable shoes looks important only when it is successfully combined with the clothes. There are rules of combinations of clothes and shoes, which can be attributed to the classic combination, but sometimes the most incredible ensembles are very interesting.

Instruction how to match shoes with clothes

Step 1:

From the style of trousers it…

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How To Dress If Short Legs

How to dress if short legs

Women with a squat figure - long body and short legs - should dress so as to best cover the waistline. Disproportion figure can be compensated for by skillful combinations of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Instruction how to dress, if you have short legs

Step 1:

Choose the right styles of trousers. Cropped pants make legs…

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How To Repair The Zipper On The Jacket

How to repair the zipper on the jacket

Lightning - a small item of clothing. But its failure fully incapacitate jackets, bags and shoes. Do not rush to dispose of the thing, if broken lock - the only defect. Repair the zipper and continue to use their wardrobe.

You will need:

- pliers; - An awl; - New slider zipper; - Lace;…

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How To Clean Fur Home

How to clean fur home

Very often it happens that at the end of winter you remove fur coat away in a closet, while not considered it for contaminants. And here again come winter, you remove your favorite coat and discover different spots and a thick layer of dust. Do not despair and run to the dry cleaners, you can understand…

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How To Pick Up A Bag For Clothes

How to pick up a bag for clothes

Bag for women - is not only a means of transportation necessary things, but also a stylish accessory that can give the image of perfection, add sophistication. But if the bag is picked up incorrectly, it can ruin even an elaborate way. To choose the right bag for clothes, you need to take…

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How And When Were Invented Sunglasses

How and when were invented sunglasses

Sunglasses - an important element of the image of the modern man, without which it is almost impossible to do on a hot summer day. Their main function is to protect the retina from ultraviolet radiation. The history of sunglasses has more than one hundred years, even in ancient times people come up with various…

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How To Alter Leather Coat

How to alter leather coat

Analyzing your wardrobe, women often find things that are not for years. And it's not that the clothes become worn or unfashionable. Some products are simply bored. This also applies to evening dresses, blouses and light, and even outer clothing such as coat, for example, made of leather. Throw or give away - options that can…

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How To Patch Up The Hole In The Down Jacket

How to patch up the hole in the down jacket

Jackets are made of durable wear resistant fabric. The only serious threat to it - it is mechanical damage. But if we apply the imagination, it is possible to close up any hole in the down jacket, making it invisible.

Instruction how to patch up the hole in the down jacket


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As You Go To A Club Girl

As you go to a club girl

As you go to a nightclub to look stylish and attractive? This question is given, perhaps, each of the fair sex on the eve of the event. To solve this problem, I propose to get acquainted with design tips.

Stylists warn that a set of denim pants and shirts must move directly to the…

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How To Get To Sell

How to get to sell

Make purchases in stores of good, of course, pleased. But this activity can be even more remarkable if you do it during periods of sales and stock price when the product is up to 30% of the original, or even lower.

Instruction on how to get the sale

Step 1:

Remember the main periods of seasonal sales…

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How To Determine The Length Of The Strap

How to determine the length of the strap

Accessories say much about a person. It is things like watches, shoes, belt, are the subject of the status. Properly selected, including the length, Trouser belt may like to emphasize the individuality and sense of good taste of its owner, and completely spoil the impression of the appearance.

You will need:

- centimeter tape…

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How To Determine The Authenticity Of The Spirits

How to determine the authenticity of the spirits

Perfume is one of the most profitable areas for manufacturers of counterfeit goods. More often fake perfume or toilet water, so if you are going to buy a new fragrance, treat attentively to the selection, in order to avoid an unpleasant situation. Be picky and ask the consultant about all the details that…

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From What To Wear Red Boots

From what to wear red boots

Auburn - incredibly vivid color, so it is not surprising that in the autumn season, when it's cold, rainy and windy, most of us are choosing colorful clothes and accessories that are able to lift the mood in bad weather. In the new season in fashion again all shades of brown, including a cheerful red.…

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Where Will The Big Sell-Off In July

Where will the big sell-off in July

Seasonal sales - a great way to buy clothes and shoes of famous brands at low prices. Large sales in July are traditionally held in Europe.

Sale - a great way to get rid of the stale store the goods, not raskuplennogo in season. Buyers also excited about this event because of the emergence…

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How To Dress A Girl 12 Years

How to dress a girl 12 years

Adolescence - the time when girls begin to realize the appeal and trying to look older than their age, imitating, often unsuccessfully, clothing senior girlfriends. Many of them, forgetting the sense of measure, try on dresses frank, it is inappropriate to adolescents. Meanwhile, in 12-13 years it is possible to dress nice and trendy…

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How Is The New York Fashion Week

How is the New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week held in different cities around the world. Including in New York twice a year: in February, show trends autumn and winter, in September - the spring-summer collections. In 2012, this pathetic event takes place from 6 to 13 September. However, agreement on the dates the data was not immediately apparent.

In the…

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How To Sew A Black Leather Jackets

How to sew a black leather jackets

Leather jackets - the constant attribute of rock fans and bikers. A good jacket, stitched on all the rules and the quality of the skin, is expensive, but if you have the desire and the right materials, you can try to make their own black leather jackets.

You will need:

- powerful sewing machine with…

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