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How To Distinguish From Suede Suede

How to distinguish from suede suede

Goods made of genuine suede are not cheap. Otherwise it can not be. This material is produced mostly from the skins of deer and elk. For their use expensive tanning oils, and this process is laborious and long, it takes several days. For velor take substandard simple skin of pigs or cows, which quickly tanned…

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How To Choose A Coat For Spring

How to choose a coat for spring

Spring - one of the most anticipated times of the year. Snow melts, flowing streams, nature is updated. And for fashionistas spring - the most favorable time to remove the boring heavy fur coats, sheepskin coats and jackets and dress in bright spring coat. But in order to feel at altitude, you need to…

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How To Tie A Simple Vest

How to tie a simple vest

Vest - Women's and men's clothing, sleeveless, worn over something. Life jackets are fitted, straight, long, short, semiadherent. They can be worn with skirts, pants, jeans. This is a very comfortable clothing cool or cold winter evening.

You will need:

- 650 g melange wool yarn yellow brick - brown and blue coloring; - Decorative wooden…

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How To Find The Right Accessories To Clothing

How to find the right accessories to clothing

For every woman it is very important to create your own unique image. This image changes periodically. Sometimes a woman would like to have seen it prudent and wise woman, sometimes it aims to captivate and delight men, sometimes - just to attract the attention of others. It is very important accessories. They…

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How To Bring Super Glue From Clothes

How to bring super glue from clothes

Super Glue is renowned for its outstanding adhesive properties. But it is also well known for being badly washed off with your hands, clothing, and other fabrics, especially if you have already had time to thoroughly dry out. Here are some tips to help you get rid of stains super-glue on a variety of…

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How To Decorate Old Jeans

How to decorate old jeans

What jeans are worn - not a reason to get rid of them. You can own hands to turn them into a true masterpiece of design art and it is not necessary for it to be a professional seamstress. Just decorate them with beads, studs, lace, buttons, and your wardrobe will be exclusive, which will surely…

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Suspender Belt: How To Wear The Right

Suspender Belt: how to wear the right

Stockings with a belt has long been used by women for the seduction of the stronger sex. Now it is sewn a great many models of this undergarment. There are models of belts for full girls that slimming and figure form. Koketnits products consist of thin gums with the tiny elements of lace and…

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How To Put A Teenager

How to put a teenager

Choice of clothing for teenagers - a complicated and often thankless, because it is difficult to guess what will be considered in their world of the most stylish and relevant today. But there are universal principles that help to find the right image.

Instruction how to dress teen

Step 1:

"Client" Consider wishes. The surest guide in…

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How To Clean The Salt Leather Shoes

How to clean the salt leather shoes

In winter in many cities sidewalks and roads sprinkled with salt to prevent ice and protect people from possible injury. However, the problem is that the saline solution, mixed with snow, leaves white stains on leather footwear, which must be constantly cleaned. Clean shoes is quite simple, the main thing - to know the…

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How Should A Muslim Not To Dress

How should a Muslim not to dress

Appearance Muslim religion clearly stated: airy dresses or trousers, a scarf that covers almost the entire face. Attention men should not involve the appearance of a woman and her inner beauty. There are a number of things that should not be a Muslim.

Instruction should not dress like a Muslim

Step 1:

Islam forbids women…

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How To Determine The Size Of A Sweater

How to determine the size of a sweater

To simplify the purchase of a sweater is necessary to know your size. In most cases the size indicated on the label attached to the product. But in order to understand whether your specified size, you need to advance some measure linear parameters of your body.

Instruction how to determine the size of…

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How To Sew A Dress For A Royal Celebration

How to sew a dress for a royal celebration

Presentation, anniversary, wedding or corporate celebration of friends - these occasions are worthy of a new chic dresses. You can buy a ready, but much more interesting to make a dress yourself. Buy a beautiful fabric, consider the idea of ​​attire, be patient, and you will be the most elegant guest at…

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How To Learn The Style Of Vintage Clothing

How to learn the style of vintage clothing

Do you want to look original, stylish and fashionable? It is not necessary to buy the newest collections. Try on a vintage style. It is based on the combination and the combination of clothing in the style of the 50s, 60s, 70s of the last century. It can be well preserved curiosities or…

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Dress Style Grunge - Fashion Antiglamur

Dress Style grunge - fashion antiglamur!

Modern fashion and style delight with its variety of women who used to take care of their appearance. Someone feels comfortable, dressed in a classic style, someone - in the sport, and some people like to look extravagant and surprising others of its kind. If a girl wants to look unusual and slightly rebellious,…

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How To Restore The Color Of Clothing

How to restore the color of clothing

Over time, even the best quality clothes, made of the best fabric loses its original color and freshness. But if your item has become faded and lost the form, do not rush to throw it in the trash. Just read the helpful tips that will help bring back the bright colors of your favorite…

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How To Determine The Size Of The Lower Men'S Underwear

How to determine the size of the lower men's underwear

Convenient and correctly chosen underwear - is not only a guarantee of confidence, but also a guarantee of your health. Of course, soft and natural fabrics, seams orderly, loyal breed - important factors for a comfortable wear clothes, but one of the main requirements - the right size.

You will need:


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How To Wear A Bandage On His Head

How to wear a bandage on his head

Headband can perform several important functions. It will hide the lack of hair, replace the cap in cool weather and will complement the fashionable dress. To bandage looked beautiful, and you feel comfortable, you need to learn how to wear this accessory.

You will need:

- dressing of fur or jersey; - Beads; -…

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How To Dress A Girl Of Small Stature

How to dress a girl of small stature

If the girl has a small increase, it does not mean that it can not compete with the long-legged beauties. On the contrary, statistics show that marital happiness often settled under the same roof with a miniature creation. The main thing is to feel calm and confident, and the small increase can be…

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How To Wear Capri Pants

How to wear capri pants

Capri pants first appeared on the catwalks in the 60s, and immediately won the love of fashionistas. Nowadays they also occupy a worthy position in the women's locker room. This is due to their elegance, comfort and practicality. They are literally every woman, regardless of her complexion. The main thing - to choose a profitable style…

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How To Dress For A Tour

How to dress for a tour

While on vacation abroad, people visit a museum, see the sights. Improper and calling costume can complicate tourist relations with the local people and the authorities, so find out in advance what attire is preferred for departing from the hotels in the country.

You will need:

- decent clean clothes; - Headwear (in some countries).


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