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How To Sew Tights

How to sew tights

If suddenly torn pantyhose, do not rush immediately to throw them in a fit of anger. Trouble in the form of a small hole in an inconspicuous area it is possible to eliminate. After careful renovation pantyhose will last a long time owner, and the seam is virtually invisible.

You will need:

- tights; - Thread; - A…

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How To Wash Coat

How to wash coat

Dressing gowns - very personal, comfortable and indispensable thing. For example, bathrobe and gown microfiber towel can replace the bath because it absorbs all the moisture that remains in the body after a shower, and is a reliable defender of the common cold when leaving the bathroom during the cold season. Cotton or silk robe - light…

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How To Dress Stylishly Complete Woman

How to dress stylishly complete woman

Beautifully and elegantly dressed woman can any body type. Completeness - is not a reason to wear boring gray robes, they on the contrary will make you fat and shapeless. Complete the ladies can afford a lot of stylish things, it is important to take into account some of the rules.

Instruction how to dress…

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How To Sew A Wedding Coat

How to sew a wedding coat

If the wedding day is scheduled for the winter time, just need to make sure that the bride was warm. To help in this can a wedding coat. It will adorn a snow-white dress and excellent protection from the cold. Is it possible to make your own hands?

Instruction how to sew wedding coat

Step 1:…

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How To Choose The Right Shoes

How to choose the right shoes

The correct choice of footwear is able to alleviate the plight of your feet. Well matched pair of shoes will provide comfort, not cause discomfort and help the feet get tired after a few hours of walking.

Instruction how to choose the right shoes

Step 1:

Go to the shoe store in the afternoon. The natural…

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How To Be Graceful

How to be graceful

Elegant woman knows how to be stylish, elegant, graceful, restrained. It can present themselves in the most favorable light and charming surrounding at a glance, a smile or a gesture. Her appearance is perfect, and the figure - slim and proportional. This may be every woman.

Instruction how to be graceful

Step 1:

Get dressed in feminine things:…

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How To Sew A Dress With Fringe

How to sew a dress with fringe

Dress, trimmed with fringe - a stylish and fashionable women's wardrobe item. It can be put in a theater, a restaurant or a solemn party. It will always be elegant, even though some of the material sewn and what color. Fringed adorn dresses of different styles, such finishes are used not only on the…

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How To Pick Up Stylish Clothes

How to pick up stylish clothes

The choice of clothing. It would seem, went shopping, bought a vending thing - the case for a few hours. But the reality is much more complicated. To pick up clothes, which will emphasize the dignity of the figure, combined with the type of appearance and not be contrary to the norms accepted in society,…

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How To Visually Make Eyes Bigger

How to visually make eyes bigger

Nature does not have awarded the "wide open" look, that look with glossy covers Hollywood actress and pop star? Maybe they just know how to maximize small eyes with makeup.

You will need:

- light shades - light pencil - dark eyeliner - volume mascara

Instruction visually make eyes bigger

Step 1:

If you dream about, to…

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How To Tie A Man'S Neck Scarf

How to tie a man's Neck scarf

The correct Neck scarf is an indispensable accessory, not only in the women's locker room, but also in the male. After all, this thing plays a huge role in the formation of stylish image.

Instruction how to tie men's Neck scarf

Step 1:

Tie a scarf knot "Normal Ascot." To do this, throw with it…

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How To Clean Clothes From Paint

How to clean clothes from paint

However, the spots of paint allegedly not satisfied with this content, frighten many children. Moms often themselves believe in it, so in every way try to protect the child from such contacts. But meanness law, from paint stain you can get exactly where the probability of this is less likely. But do not be so…

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How Nice To Tie A Scarf Around His Neck

How nice to tie a scarf around his neck

Scarf - stylish and practical accessory that will help hide flaws and highlight the merits. Because of these qualities have been many techniques that allow beautiful tie scarf. We just need to choose the right.

If you do not take into account the existence of stoles and shawls, most techniques allow nicely…

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How To Determine Your Size

How to determine your size

Today, those who love to go shopping and choose the favorite clothes, often have to reflect on one important detail exactly what clothing size they fit optimally, and how to understand what is written on clothes. After all, the label may indicate a completely incomprehensible at first glance, the numbers. However, if you know exactly what…

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And Yet: What Is Fashion?

And yet: what is fashion?

Fashion - a phenomenon which dominates the minds and causes trembling in the shower. Be fashionable - so to keep up with the times. However, it not always correctly interpreted the concept of fashion, which leads to a variety of incidents.

Fashion - is the period of interim rule of a certain style in one…

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How To Dress In Barcelona

How to dress in Barcelona

The climate in the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is very favorable in all seasons. There are no frosts, prolonged downpours, but almost the entire year the sun shines. But do not forget that because of the geographical position of the air in the city is very humid.

Instruction how to dress in barcelona

Step 1:

Find out…

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How To Dress For The Zodiac Sign

How to dress for the zodiac sign

The influence of the signs of the zodiac on a person's life can reveal to you many new and interesting. Even the style of the people born under the influence of different planets, different. To buy things, then you will not wear, read in advance, what clothes are best for you.

Instruction on how…

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How To Fix A Fur

How to fix a fur

Fur very socks beautiful and definitely warm, which is important in the winter season. The service life of such things is different, it all depends on the type of fur. But sooner or later the thing comes in unusable form appear holes, abrasions and skin ceases to shine. In this case, the repair can not do…

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How To Clear White Skin

How to clear white skin

White leather things very quickly contaminated, all the fault of dirt, dust and public transport, which is constantly full. You can return to the old white product, if it is cleaned with the help of special tools. The treatment should be performed as often as possible, and then do not have to wash ingrained in the…

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How To Choose A Spring Boots

How to choose a spring boots

Demi, that is intended for spring and autumn socks, boots should be selected, guided by not only their appearance. Because of the Russian climatic features these shoes should be primarily water-resistant, adapted to the weather conditions of the area where you live.

Instruction how to choose the spring boots

Step 1:

Begin to get shoe shopping…

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How To Choose A Fashionable Hair Accessories

How to choose a fashionable hair accessories

Well-groomed and beautifully arranged in her hair woman hair add charm and attract the male gaze. Hair accessories round off the stylish, fashionable and elegant image. As with any jewelry, they should be able to choose correctly.

Instruction how to choose the fashionable hair accessories

Step 1:

When choosing hair accessories, pay attention to their…

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