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How To Choose The Color Of The Dress

How to choose the color of the dress

Selection of dresses - for any fashionista important thing, which is approached with great responsibility. You need to objectively assess the figure, to know its strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you need to decide what color of clothes will suit you best, because that color can bring life in the most plain dress…

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How To Clean Clothes From The Wool

How to clean clothes from the wool

Many families live pets. Each family, probably more than once confronted with the problem of cleaning things from animal fur. How to do this without a significant investment of time and money?

You will need:

- Soft Sponge - a vacuum cleaner with attachments - brush - Velcro - hairbrush for animal

Instruction how to…

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How To Wear Long Caps

How to wear long caps

Fashion annually offers a variety of familiar clothing in the new version. Just recently in vogue long cap. Wishes to be a trend and meet the trend, bought a such headgear, but faced the question: how to wear them properly? In this respect there is no single recipe. The more original, the better. But there are…

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How To Tie A Scarf Neck

How to tie a scarf Neck

Cravat - a versatile accessory that can diversify any way, to make a formal suit elegant and feminine, to create a bright accent to dark clothing and demonstrate your taste and sense of style. There are a variety of original ways of tying a cravat - all of them are suitable for summer trips, and…

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How To Build The Collar

How to build the collar

You know how to sew a little, but you want to expand and complicate the range of your products? What would make any product, first of all learn to build patterns.

Instruction how to build the collar

Step 1:

Start by building a pattern collar. The collar is a part of the product, which is optional. However,…

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How To Persuade Her Husband To Buy A New Coat

How to persuade her husband to buy a new coat

Beautiful and warm coat of valuable fur - the object of desire of the majority of the fair sex. With winter approaching, the dream of a luxurious fur coat repeatedly amplified, but beloved, usually ignores your wishes. Do not despair, become its owner is not difficult.

There are several ways to…
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How To Dress For That Kind Of Person

How to dress for that kind of person

Communicating with each other, people are trying to understand the interlocutor and to draw conclusions - whether or not to continue the relationship, or better to look for a suitable company. But all of this after meeting. But how to decide whether it is necessary to get acquainted? Sometimes even look at the…

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How To Dress For A Wedding In The Winter

How to dress for a wedding in the winter

It was a wedding to remember the people more than any other event in life. Whether because of the multitude of photos and videos taken at the party, or because of the particular mood, atmosphere of happiness and love, in the audience, but it's true. Therefore, at the wedding you want to…

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How To Buy Mittens

How to buy mittens

Hands - an important thermostat of the human body, especially in the cold season. Therefore, even at a temperature lower than 5 on the street can not do without gloves or mittens. The warmest mittens - related to caring mother or grandmother. But those who do not know how to knit, there is always the opportunity to…

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How To Alter The Old Stuff

How to alter the old stuff

Once again, looking in your closet, you find things that do not put on, or which are slightly worn. Throwing favorite clothes, of course, a pity. But you can alter these things, "to breathe" new life into them, to make of the old - a brand new, fashionable and defiant. A little imagination and a…

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How To Alter The Old Fur Jacket

How to alter the old fur jacket

Fashion is constantly changing, so the most popular service was the fur studio cut, and repair of various products, including jackets. The product can be revived with the help of inserts, style changes and additional accessories.

Instruction how to alter an old fur jacket

Step 1:

Contact the studio. Determine the length of the jacket,…

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What Colors Are Red Girls

What colors are red girls

Red-haired girls always look bright, stand out against the brunettes and blondes. If nature has awarded you red hair, or you decide to disguise this bright color, remember that this hair color requires adherence to certain rules of combination with other shades in clothes and accessories.

Not to be mistaken with the choice of the color…

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How To Be Fashionable Beauty

How to be fashionable beauty

Each season, fashion magazines offer dozens of current images. The problem of modern women - choose the ones that are right for her. Add to the latest trends favorite things from her wardrobe, dilute the resulting ensembles of original accessories, and you will become the most beautiful woman of fashion this season.

Instruction how to be…

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How To Create A Set Of Clothes

How to create a set of clothes

You ever get into a situation where the clothes closet is full, but you do not know what to wear to look fashionable and elegant? If so, then you should learn how to combine existing things in the wardrobe.

Instruction create a set of clothes

Step 1:

To start, determine your type of skin color…

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How To Dress For The Disco

How to dress for the disco

Disco has always been one of the most popular youth entertainment. To hike to the dance prepared carefully and thoughtfully, touching, and combining all the available outfits in the wardrobe. Disco involves quite active pastime, so choose the suit and shoes are comfortable and quality.

You will need:

- comfortable and elegant clothes; - Comfortable shoes…

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How To Clean The Glue From Clothes

How to clean the glue from clothes

The problem of clothing cleaning glue after repairs or artistic creativity faced by many. Fresh glue on clothes almost invisible, but it can hopelessly spoil the fabric, if the stain does not withdraw in time.

You will need:

iron, clean cotton cloth or paper, vinegar, benzene, acetone, Bandage, toothbrush, soap.

Instruction how to clean the…

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How To Swiss Watches

How to Swiss watches

One of the best wrist watches are Swiss. Not only are they perfectly show the exact time, but also look stylish and presentable. Unfortunately, the market is now a huge number of fakes, so it's important to know how to distinguish high-quality Swiss watch.

Instruction how to identify the swiss watches

Step 1:

Swiss watches are made with…

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Graduated Haircuts: Fashionable And Beautiful

Graduated haircuts: fashionable and beautiful

Graded haircut on long hair is not so long ago appeared a trendy kind of hair treatment. She looks like a multi-layer composition, and it is possible to build on any length hair. Hair turns the volume, beautiful, with her image to your elegant look is provided.

Graded hair feel beautiful in appearance, when the transitions…

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How To Wear Suspenders

How to wear suspenders

If you like a man, but you can not stand the way he dresses, fill in his wardrobe diversity. Dressing favorite, learn "podtyazhkovedenie", because accessories are back in fashion. The most famous designers today added to the collection of suspenders. So do not hesitate, this thing should be in the wardrobe and your men. How to choose…

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How To Dress, If Not Waist

How to dress, if not waist

Partial or complete lack of a waist - a problem not only obese women. Even the slender waist of girls can not be expressed too openly. This type of figure is usually referred to as masculine. Among the famous women "rectangular" shape from Jodie Foster, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich, Penelope Cruz. Nevertheless, they…

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