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How To Choose A Hairstyle

How to choose a hairstyle

Choosing the right hairstyle can transform a person beyond recognition. With it, you can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of appearance. Therefore, should not be treated carelessly to trek to the barber shop and a choice of masters. A good specialist will select for you the haircut given hair structure and type of person.…

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How To Dress In Retro Style

How to dress in retro style

Always fashionable style - retro. Recreating the vivid images that are associated with a certain historical period, the occupation is very exciting and assures you that you can always draw attention to themselves. But the only condition is the direct hit and the elected retro style.

Instruction how to dress in a retro style

Step 1:…

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How To Choose A Jacket

How to choose a jacket

The most popular subject of outer clothing for people of all ages is a jacket. Thanks to the huge variety of styles, materials and colors, presented on the shelves of modern shops, anyone can choose for themselves exactly the jacket that meets all their requirements. To get a truly high-quality, convenient and beautiful products are not…

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Coral Dress To Prom

Coral dress to prom

Evening or cocktail dress coral color looks elegant and festive, even if it has rather modest style. The fact is that the coral color is effective on its own, so put on a dress on prom night, you will not be left without attention.

Coral color has many shades, so every girl can pick up the one…

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How To Measure Waist

How to measure waist

Without a precise definition of the waist size is difficult to buy or sew a thing that would be great to sit on the human figure. Waist - vacillates, because it is affected by any changes in diet, physical activity and health.

Instruction how to measure waist

Step 1:

Measuring waist recommended without underwear, especially if you want…

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How To Dress Women Low

How to dress women low

Tall women tend to face any outfit. The fashion shows of famous designers are the slender, long-legged beauties. And what about those whose growth is far from "model" ideal? After all, low, too, I want to look fashionable and beautiful.

Instruction how to dress women low

Step 1:

Firstly, do not despair. Know that near the petite…

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How To Dress Fashionable Guy

How to dress fashionable guy

And among men there are those who can and loves to dress well. They can easily be distinguished in the crowd, and last but not least it is because a significant part of the stronger sex are clothes and the way they look at it with indifference. But if you care about young people, of course…

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How To Decorate A Knitted Cap

How to decorate a knitted cap

Each skilled worker, which owns different techniques of knitting, knows that warm knit cap is not only warm, but also beautiful. In order to decorate a knitted cap, you can tie it with additional patterns, edgings or colors - for example, to link to the top hats bright rose, and on the surface of the…

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How To Hide The Flaws Of Legs

How to hide the flaws of legs

The list of disadvantages that women are able to find, critically related to its shape, is endless. Some representatives of the fair half of mankind are not satisfied with their own feet. If you are among them, pick the right clothes and keep in mind about these imperfections, adding to her wardrobe.

Instruction how…

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How To Distinguish A Real Toilet Water

How to distinguish a real toilet water

Typically, the easiest way to determine the authenticity of the Eau de Toilette is a certificate for these products. But, unfortunately, this is not always possible to check since various reasons. And without toilet water modern woman simply can not do! In order to determine the authenticity of the toilet water, consider the following…

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How Do I Clean A Sheepskin Coat On Greasy Stains

How do I clean a sheepskin coat on greasy stains

In winter, one of the most common types of outdoor clothing is a sheepskin coat. It is characterized by comfort and good property for a long time to keep warm. Now in stores can be a very wide range of sheepskin. There are options for almost any taste and color. However,…

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How To Fold Pants

How to fold pants

Pants - irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe of both men and women. But not all mods know how to properly fold the ironed trousers, so that later they could get out of the suitcase or the closet and immediately put on. And this leads to a blank paper - re ironing. How correctly should put pants?


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Wearing A Green Dress

Wearing a green dress

The green dress - one of the most self-sufficient of flowers, especially when it comes to dress. In contrast, for example, gray or brown there is no need to supplement it or shade.

Instruction how to wear a green dress

Step 1:

Follow the rule of three colors. It allows you to connect to one of three colors…

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How To Wear Thin Man

How to wear thin man

Men's thinness is often the cause of complexes. But this figure contains more pluses than minuses. A slender man can afford the clothes that people with tighter physique contraindicated.

Instruction how to wear thin man

Step 1:

Thin man can wear clothes made of fabric that does not fit a full people. Furthermore, these fabrics visually increase…

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How To Decorate A Blouse

How to decorate a blouse

Blouse is in the wardrobe of every girl. This rather strict thing can quickly become bored. Or suddenly you accidentally put a stain on your favorite shirt. In such cases it is necessary to include fantasy. How to decorate your favorite shirt?

Instruction how to decorate a blouse

Step 1:

The most popular decorations include large brooches.…

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How To Dress A Woman In 50 Years

How to dress a woman in 50 years

It is very important for women to find clothes appropriate to their age, to its possessor felt harmoniously. Everyone knows exactly what clothing is an expression of our inner condition and mood, in addition, it also affects them. Therefore, choosing what is right for you, you will not only look, but also feel…

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How To Be Fashionable, If Not Money

How to be fashionable, if not money

Fashion has always been considered a rather expensive hobby. A couple of centuries ago, the fashion line was unthinkable without major investments. Today the situation is completely different: a stylish image can be created with minimal effort.

You will need:

- fashion magazines; - Fashion blogs; - Accessories; - the Internet.

Instruction how to be…

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How To Dress For Tall Women

How to dress for tall women

Often tall women feel uncomfortable in a society where everyone around below their growth. To win children's facilities and increase their self-esteem, you need to learn how to correctly choose the clothes, using clothes to hide their flaws and emphasize the dignity. For tall women, there are many styles of clothes, through which you can…

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How To Display The Ink Stain From Clothes

How to display the ink stain from clothes

In the modern age of ink stains appear, as a rule, from ballpoint pens, at least - from real ink. If the stain is small (for example, accidental "written" with a ballpoint pen on a light blouse), get rid of it in several ways.

Instruction how to get the ink stain from clothes


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How To Choose A Women'S Summer Hat

How to choose a women's summer hat

Women's summer hat - it's not just a fashion accessory that can make an image of the owner even more beautiful and interesting, but also an excellent protection against the heat and the sun's harmful rays. Choose the right summer hat is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Instruction how…

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