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How To Remove A Rusty Spot

How to remove a rusty spot

Most people are mistaken in thinking that only a professional cleaning can cope with a rust stain. Of course, this is the easiest and non-burdensome manner. But do not hurry! Print spot of rust and can be at home.

Instruction how to remove rusty spot

Step 1:

potassium oxalate is one of the best tools in…

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How To Tie A Cape Spokes

How to tie a cape spokes

At a time when the autumn chill already come, but the jacket still very much hot, save capes. They have very different shapes and style. Can be with or without sleeves. Knitted cape attached to your way of romance and charm.

You will need:

- yarn - knitting needles №5

Instruction how to tie a cape…

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Dress For It: What Kind Of Clothes Drives Men Crazy?

Dress for it: what kind of clothes drives men crazy?

Many women going to work, walk around the city or on a date, guided solely on your taste and enjoy admiring the reflection in the mirror. Are you sure that your way around men have the liking of all will be enchanted? Let's find out the opinion of men in…

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How To Carry Jeans

How to carry jeans

In recent years, jeans have become perhaps the most popular clothing due to its versatility. However, to buy a good brand jeans, many Russians living in remote places, can only order them online. This is where the danger is waiting for girls and jeans get a little smaller than they expected. What to do in this case?…

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How To Choose A Shirt Color

How to choose a shirt color

Shirt. In a men's locker room is not at least a couple? The most different, for any occasion, be it a meeting, work, rest and thousands of other places. Well, if it is difficult to choose the color of the shirt, suitable for the occasion and the costume, here are some tips.

Instruction how to…

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How To Store Jewelry

How to store jewelry

A few years ago, any woman of fashion was limited to a few a couple of bracelets and earrings. However, every year growing number of jewelry and it becomes difficult to store. And at one point, she realizes that the lost earrings, necklaces torn when they tried to get it, and find the right set is almost…

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How To Dress In Heavy Frost

How to dress in heavy frost

Severe frost - a relative term. For some, temperatures of minus twenty degrees - bitter cold, which can withstand only wrapped in a warm fur coat, while others quietly tolerate much lower temperatures, being very lightly dressed. Nevertheless, there are certain rules that it is desirable to comply with any person, if the window is…

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How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Fish On Clothes

How to get rid of the smell of fish on clothes

Sometimes occur unpleasant situations with your favorite things. If your clothes are, for example, smelled the fish, then do not despair. This scent output, of course, is not easy, but it is possible. To cope with this task under force even at home. It is not necessary to throw out…

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How To Draw A Paint On Clothes

How to Draw a paint on clothes

Very often decorating fabric causes often unsuccessful attempts to find in the shops of textile specific motive. But everything can be done differently. Anything that can make unrecognizable the usual T-shirts, batch file or jeans - it bought the paint and a stencil. It is only necessary to know how to draw paint on…

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How To Sew A Chinese Dress

How to sew a Chinese dress

Chinese-style dresses have become popular not so long ago in our country. This is because they are well emphasize the dignity of the figure, always look elegant and stylish. Chinese dress, otherwise they are called ple, have a bit of styles, but thanks to the bright satin fabric and the wealth of decorative trim, always…

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Which Shoes Are In Fashion In 2015

Which shoes are in fashion in 2015

Bag and shoes - is the foundation of any style and image. Whatever outfit you choose, the main thing, competently pick up the accessories that will not only complement the image, but also to decorate it.

Fashionable shoes 2015 - ankle boots with open toe

New trend and the come in 2015 - boots…

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How To Wear A Bandana

How to wear a bandana

Fashion does not stand still. Hats of different styles and forms filled the shops. But one of the most pressing and remains stylish bandana. It is universal, as the different ways in which it can engage, allow to wear a bandana not only on the beach or in the forest, but also in the party and…

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How To Change The Style Of The Spring

How to change the style of the spring

The onset of spring leads to a renewal not only in nature but also in the mind, in relation to themselves and their own style. To the spring vitamin deficiency did not affect the appearance, you need to consider the details that make up your image.

Instruction how to change the style of…

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How To Return The Defective Shoes

How to return the defective shoes

One of the essential accessories for every person is the shoes. Currently on the shelves you can find a wide range of products for every taste and color. But unfortunately, you bought the shoes can be defective. These shoes should be replaced.

You will need:

defective shoes, check, packaging, booklet with the Law on Consumer Protection…

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How To Choose Socks

How to choose socks

The image of a man very important socks. That they are able to greatly spoil the impression of other people even impeccably dressed representatives of the stronger sex. So, to the choice of this part of the wardrobe should be approached seriously.

Instruction how to choose socks

Step 1:

First of all attention should be paid to the…

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How To Wear A Long Necklace

How to wear a long necklace

Long necklace - an accessory that is unlikely to go out of fashion. Each season, designers invariably include in their collection of different variations of this decoration. Change the texture, materials and din, but the beads did not leave fashionistas wardrobe.

You will need:

- beads; - Pendant.

Instruction how to wear long necklaces

Step 1:


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Fashion For The Full

Fashion for the full

Modern fashion makes it possible to look stylish, regardless of the type of figure. You just need to correctly assess their options and choose the outfit wisely.

Most women believe that you need to hide a full figure under volumetric clothing. It's a delusion. Hoodie give full figure more misshapen appearance. Lush breasts and thighs - is…

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How Do You Know The Size Of Underwear

How do you know the size of underwear

Underwear designed to make your figure more beautiful, but incorrectly matched in size, it can produce the opposite effect. But the female figure so prone to metamorphosis: new diet, childbirth, breast-feeding, which really affects the size of the breast! How not to be mistaken with the size, acquiring another new thing?

You will…

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How To Determine The Size Of The Russian

How to determine the size of the Russian

Buying clothes domestic manufacturers, you naturally have to operate with the Russian measurement system. It is easy and very convenient. Knowing it, you can marked in other countries easily understand and sizes of clothing and shoes. For this special table designed. But we must begin by defining its size Russian.

Instruction how to…

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How To Extend Shoes

How to extend shoes

New shoes may be too rigid and narrow. Shoes can ssohnutsya from prolonged lying in the closet. There are a few proven ways to expand uncomfortable shoes at home.

You will need:

Spray raznashivaya shoes, alcohol, water, newspapers, plastic bags, refrigerator

Instruction how to expand the shoes

Step 1:

Shoes - the most important thing the toilet. It is…

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