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How To Find Your Style

How to find your style

Style determined by a combination of human characteristics - especially the hairstyles, makeup, clothes, manner of speaking, speech, behavior, etc. The created image should be harmonious and complete, fit the worldview and spiritual state.

Instruction how to find your style

Step 1:

Define "own" color. Prepare a few pieces of clothing of various shades - suit and…

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How To Dress Stylishly To Work In The Winter?

How to dress stylishly to work in the winter?

Probably everyone knows the Russian proverb, which states that "meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind." Moreover, many studies conducted in different countries, confirmed that a neat and stylish view of a woman can affect her career. Cold winter look great in the workplace - a task, because it is…

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As Men'S Pants Hem

As men's pants hem

To hem men's trousers, it is not necessary to carry them to the workshop. After all, you can do it yourself. Time and effort you spend quite a bit, but the result will please you clearly. Even if you are not very good at sewing, do not despair. The main thing - is to follow the instructions…

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How To Wash Stains From Pens

How to wash stains from pens

Everyone at least once in his life faced with stains from ballpoint pens. To blot not spoil your thing, you must know how easily and quickly you can get rid of this type of stain.

Instruction how to wash stains from pens

Step 1:

If you put on your favorite clothing stain on the handle, the…

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As Starched Collar

As starched collar

No matter what kind of shirt collar from - classic Italian, the "shark" or "Butt-down" - he looks much more spectacularly crisp than just ironed after washing. Besides starch protects the fabric from zastiryvaniya.

You will need:

water, starch

Instruction as a starched collar

Step 1:

There are several degrees of starched. For starching shirts fit semi-rigid - solution in…

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How To Tie A Blanket

How to tie a blanket

Blankets designed to protect the animal from the cold. This does not exclude that it can be beautiful and comfortable. Blankets pet does not limit in movements, not hampered gait. It should protect the back, abdomen and chest cat cage. Sew it is usually from several layers - for more heat. You have not finished blankets…

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How To Measure The Body Parameters

How to measure the body parameters

Correctly measure the body parameters can not everyone. With similar dimensions we encounter when we want to make for yourself what - any thing. tailoring specialists know how to measure each parameter on the human body, but also an ordinary man in the street may be faced with the need to know such information about…

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How To Wear Sneakers With Jeans

How to wear sneakers with jeans

Sneakers - a lightweight and comfortable sports shoes. They are now very popular, besides their models are constantly being improved, pleasing variety of colors and prints fans. According to fashion trends, shoes often worn with jeans or other things out of denim.

Instruction how to wear sneakers with jeans

Step 1:

High gym shoes or sneakers…

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How To Paint The Pants

How to paint the pants

In life, anything may happen. Today you like your pants, and tomorrow it seems that their color is hopelessly out of fashion, and to walk in such junk is absolutely impossible. It also happens that after a few washes the color of faded trousers and fabric began to look old and worn. What to do. Do…

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How To Tie A Scarf Arabic

How to tie a scarf Arabic

Genuine Accessories can be the Arab scarf, also called "arafatki". As usual square handkerchief, traditionally tied it on his head and is used for protection from the sun, dust and sand during travel or any work. Western fashionista use it as a harmonious complement to the overall style. Depending on the intended use of the…

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What Is Fashionable In Spring 2012

What is fashionable in spring 2012

Spring 2012 promises revolutionary upheavals. But all the fashion trends perfectly fit into an existing wardrobe, making a fresh impetus to it. Air dresses, embroidered tank tops, leather jackets and cardigans luxury trends cited different decades and organically woven into a new, original and quite comfortable to wear ensemble.

Instruction is fashionable in spring 2012


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How To Clean A Rabbit Fur Coat

How to clean a rabbit fur coat

Rabbit fur is relatively cheap, and so it is accessible to most people. Therefore, many women prefer to wear products made of rabbit fur. But over time, it does not look as good as new, and raises the question of how to clean a fur coat.

Instruction how to clean a rabbit fur coat


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How To Choose A Men'S Hat

How to choose a men's hat

Hat - an important part of the wardrobe, especially during the cold season. At the same time choose the male cap so that it is well protected from the cold and stylish at the same time looked - quite difficult.

Instruction how to choose a men's hat

Step 1:

Caps are light - summer. Such wear…

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How To Wear Short Leather Jacket

How to wear short leather jacket

Short leather jacket found a place in the heart of every fashionista: it is convenient both for shopping and for an evening out. The original image depends primarily on the selection of accessories and other items of clothing: in one of the same jacket can look like a star of rock 'n' roll or romantic…

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How To Return A Mink Coat In The Store

How to return a mink coat in the store

Suppose you bought a fur coat of mink, and its quality does not conform to your idea of ​​a real fur products when a thorough examination of the house. What to do in such a situation? For mink coat - very expensive.

Instruction how to get a mink coat in the store


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How To Choose A Good Men'S Wallet

How to choose a good men's wallet

Every self-respecting man has a high-quality and fashionable purse that strictly corresponds to the image, such as shoes, tie. When choosing a purse should pay attention to some nuances.

Instruction how to choose a good men's wallet

Step 1:

At first glance, it seems like no big deal when choosing a purse, they are all…

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How To Alter A Mink Hat

How to alter a mink hat

When the going gets cold, people are starting to search through cupboards looking for winter clothes. Often among many stuff you can find some long forgotten thing, for example, mink hat, which had long gone out of fashion. But do not send it in the trash. After all, mink fur is never out of fashion,…

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How To Choose A Fur Hat

How to choose a fur hat

Fur hat - a mandatory attribute of the modern fashionista. It perfectly retains heat even in severe frosts, and is decorated with a woman raises her image. Fur hats look great with coats, sheepskin coats, fur jackets, coats, jackets and down jackets. To the thing you had served for several seasons, and for a long…

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How To Peel A Cap Pestsovaya

How to peel a cap Pestsovaya

Natural white fur particularly strongly exposed to contamination. The question is how to clean Pestsovaya hat, become especially important on the eve of the new winter season. How to clean with natural light fur stains without damaging the product and without damaging the color?

Instruction how to clean Pestsovaya cap

Step 1:

Take semolina or potato…

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How To Draw Jeans

How to draw jeans

You bought jeans without trying them, but at home it turned out that they are a little cramped. To increase their home can use the methods that many are used in such cases.

Instruction how to draw jeans

Step 1:

Soak jeans in lukewarm water and wring out. Good pull at the seams on all sides and hang…

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