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How Narrow Jeans

How narrow jeans

Even expensive and high-quality jeans are stretched during wear as denim is made of natural cotton. The only exceptions are stretch jeans that are well keep their shape and do not change their size. What do you do if you bought jeans fit, but after some time found that they get you high? The answer is simple -…

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How To Update An Old Sheepskin Coat

How to update an old sheepskin coat

Sheepskin - something quite expensive and designed for several seasons socks. Therefore, due to the changing fashion trends, I want to give old things new, to-date look.

You will need:

- brush; - Eraser; - Beads, rhinestones, sequins; - Belt; - Buttons; - Acrylic paint; - Brush, sponge.

Instruction how to upgrade an old sheepskin…

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How To Wear A Bag Over His Shoulder

How to wear a bag over his shoulder

A bag worn over the shoulder, hands-free and fits well with modern clothing. To feel comfortable, correctly pick the model and adjust the strap length. You can casually throw a bag on his shoulder, it is convenient to fix it under your arm or cross belt across the chest. Wearing depends on your…

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How To Choose A Child Demi-Season Footwear

How to choose a child demi-season footwear

Select the child the right shoes is not easy. Purchase high-quality footwear brings not only comfort when walking, but also the correct formation of the stop, ie health. What should I look for when choosing demi-season footwear child?

Instruction how to pick up the child demi-season footwear

Step 1:

The first thing to consider when…

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How To Dress Nicely, But Inexpensive

How to dress nicely, but inexpensive

Beautiful and stylish dress, you can even on a limited budget. Do not chase the fashion and acquire all the squeaks of the season. Wardrobe must consist of what is right for you. Fashion comes and goes. But things are still in the closet, delighting us more than one season.

Instruction how to dress nice,…

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How To Choose A Woman'S Skirt On The Figure

How to choose a woman's skirt on the figure

Choosing the right skirt is able to emphasize the elegance and femininity of its owner and hide the shortcomings of her figure. The proportions of the skirt must be in harmony with the proportions of the body mistress. Therefore, it is important to choose a woman's skirt on the figure.

Instruction how…

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How To Smooth Out The Arrows On Trousers

How to smooth out the arrows on trousers

If you feel uncomfortable in clothes of classical style or tired of it, and wear it is still necessary, then add a bit of style casual (Eng. Casual), which focuses on the clothing comfort. You can, for instance, to smooth out the arrows on the trousers, while maintaining the classic style of "top".…

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How To Soften The Leather Shoes

How to soften the leather shoes

Almost everyone at least once to buy leather shoes. But faced with some unforeseen problems: the backs are too pressured, the socks are too hard. But the model is very attracted to and want to buy it up. Furthermore, some shoe leather products tend to become more severe over time. Are there ways to mitigate…

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As Pat Sheepskin

As pat sheepskin

With the onset of winter many of us could ask the question - how to tidy up a sheepskin coat? How to get rid of bruises that have appeared over the storage time?

Instruction how to stroke sheepskin

Step 1:

The easiest way to smooth out the bruising on the sheepskin coat - give her time otvisetsya on a…

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10 Reasons To Throw Pants And Begin Wearing Only Skirts And Dresses

10 reasons to throw pants and begin wearing only skirts and dresses

Jeans, pants, leggings, shorts - a wardrobe of things that have absolutely every woman. They have become so common that a woman in a beautiful dress can be found only on holidays or summer. Here are just trousers - this is a purely masculine article of clothing, the women…

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How To Choose The Fabric For The Coat

How to choose the fabric for the coat

When planning to sew a coat, pay special attention to the selection of style, purchase appropriate accessories and, of course, fabrics. After all, it depends on how durable and comfortable to wear will be updated. Focus not on price, but on the composition and structure of the tissue, because in winter, autumn, summer,…

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Where To Buy A Suit At Graduation

Where to buy a suit at graduation

Out of the last call, all examinations commissioned and remains the last moment - prom. This is one of the most important events in the life of pupils, students, and to prepare for it in advance should carefully thinking through every detail, including such an important element as buying costume.

Instruction where to buy…

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How To Choose A Quality Mink

How to choose a quality mink

Buying mink coat - not the cheapest fun, but, nevertheless, mink fur is the most attractive to women. For inexperienced buyers choice of quality furs often fraught with difficulties, since a very high chance to buy a fake or low-quality copy. To coat mink happy with you as long as possible, and served as a…

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How To Repaint His Cap

How to repaint his cap

It often happens that the favorite thing kind of lost, and part with it would not be desirable. For example, a white woolen cap, which you really are and combines perfectly with all outfits, has lost its former perfect whiteness. Or white cap is not a new coat. You can experiment with natural dyes and extend…

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How To Distinguish A Fake Clothes

How to distinguish a fake clothes

It argued that forge clothes and shoes of famous brands easiest. And, most importantly, the more popular the brand is, the more likely an attempt on his unscrupulous manufacturers. At the same time experienced craftsmen learned to produce a copy of which is impossible to determine at a glance. And if you do not know…

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