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What is fashionable in spring 2012

Spring 2012 promises revolutionary upheavals. But all the fashion trends perfectly fit into an existing wardrobe, making a fresh impetus to it. Air dresses, embroidered tank tops, leather jackets and cardigans luxury trends cited different decades and organically woven into a new, original and quite comfortable to wear ensemble.

What is fashionable in spring 2012

Instruction is fashionable in spring 2012

Step 1:

The main motto of the coming season - femininity. All aggressive, tough, vintage unisex announced unfashionable. Ball ruled by form-fitting silhouettes, skirts, blouses and airy translucent fabric with embroidery. Images of fairy princesses, fairy brides and smart pupae reign on the fashion catwalks. Preference is given to pastel and solid colors - white, light green, purple, pink, golden yellow, turquoise.

Step 2:

Spring outfits are carefully choice of fabrics. Particularly popular all sorts of aerial matter - fine silk, chiffon and translucent veil, weightless cotton. The spring collections and a lot of things out of lace. From it sew tops and blouses, dresses on the cover in the style of the 60s and elegant suits. Lacy model designed in the most fashionable colors of the season - lilac, orange, pistachio.

Step 3:

In the spring of 2012 will not do without a dress. At the height of feminine fashion model in the spirit of the 50's with a form-fitting bodice, neckline and lush multi-layered skirt. Preferably, the length to the knee, allowing to show the beautiful legs. For evening suit long model with a fluffy skirt decorated with flounces, or long and narrow dresses with exciting slit to the thigh.

Step 4:

Those who are 50 years do not like, you can try on outfits era of jazz. Daytime dresses, shirts, evening gowns, adorned with garlands of beads and artistic embroidery, feathers and headbands quite harmoniously with the more modern models.

Step 5:

Special attention is paid spring fashion knitwear. The highlight of many collections - fabulously beautiful cardigans and pullovers, decorated with complicated appliqués and embroidery, tulle inserts and fine leather, embroidered with beads and sequins. One such thing is enough to make a fashionable and creative note most conservative wardrobe.

Step 6:

In fashion triumphantly returned packing. After several seasons of domination of a single color of things at the peak of popularity of all kinds of prints. The most fashionable detail - a bright blouse, decorated with a pattern in small or large flowers, abstract spots, splashes, zigzags and flashes. These models are self-colored with bright trousers, sometimes sustained in a completely different color. The only condition for such attire - flawless figure.

Step 7:

In the spring of 2012 will be the very popular leather. From it are made tight skirts, doing inserts on sweaters and tops. From soft nappa jackets sew very feminine, quite reminiscent of rough prototypes from the wardrobe bikers. All this diversity of leather can be worn together or creating original ensembles add to the calmer things as ostromodnye accent.