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What is fashionable in the spring and summer of 2012

Trends that should pay attention, picking up spring-summer wardrobe 2012 formed the leading designers in the winter. However, most fashionistas proceeds to purchase the actual outfits and accessories only with the coming of spring. What to choose? What images and colors will be at its peak?

What is fashionable in the spring and summer of 2012

Instruction is fashionable in the spring and summer of 2012

Step 1:

Pay attention to the things in the Japanese style. They are extremely popular in the summer of 2012 and in the warm days of spring. Another trend - watercolor and floral prints on dresses, skirts and tunics, and a nautical theme. In fashion a variety of stripes, pattern, ornament. Do not hand over their positions, and prints with vegetables and animals, popular in the last season.

Step 2:

In the most fashionable dresses 2012 - open the shoulders and neck, elegant V-neckline is formed. This top will provide you a trendy look. And if you pick up a pleated skirt made of thin fabric, it will look particularly feminine and stylish. Round cut-out dresses and blouses, too, does not go out of fashion in the spring and summer of 2012. But he - for severe things and retro patterns.

Step 3:

In the summer and warm in the spring designers offer to wear colorful tops, combining them with skirts, shorts and even trousers made of thin fabric. Most popular colors - flowers and black-and-yellow combination. Interestingly, in 2012 the fashion finally returned skirt-shorts, it is very convenient.

Step 4:

Is also relevant asymmetric cut dresses and skirts. Fashion Peep - uneven bottom blouses. It should also be in the spring and summer of 2012 to follow the principle of layering. Do not be afraid that such outfits are you full: the fabric from which they are sewn, light and delicate. Also all kinds of fashionable folds and wedges, short sleeve three quarters. It is found not only on blouses and dresses, but also on the cloaks and coats, as well as in the 2011 season.

Step 5:

As for the accessories, they are also very original. Thus, the designers have created a lot of collections of handbags made of different materials, with an unusual texture. In fashion prints a snake skin, and not only on the bags, but also on belts, sunglasses, shoes. Hats Spring-Summer 2012 - is intricately stranded African kerchiefs. You can tie, and ordinary, but always with bright ornaments.