What Good Is Celery

What good is celery

Coming from the Mediterranean countries, celery is known not only in culinary circles. It is widely used in medical purposes and has a tonic effect on the human body.

Celery is a biennial herbaceous plant. In appearance resembles parsley, but a root. He has a pronounced spicy aroma and sweet-bitter taste. Celery root crop since ancient times…

How To Cook Beef Recipe In English

How to cook beef recipe in English

Probably in the world there is no other food that would have been so associated with English cuisine as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. The combination of these two traditional British cuisine is known far beyond the borders of the country, and shall glory in the pages of many classic literary works. In fact,…

How To Bake Baursaks

How to bake baursaks

Baursaks are the national dish of many Muslim peoples of Asia: the Tatars, Kazakhs, Uzbeks and others. Originally they were nomads bread, simple and quick to prepare. But over time it baursak becomes an integral part of the festive table. Try to bake a real Kazakh baursaks - it is delicious.

You will need:

flour - 4 cups;…

How To Cook Herring With Hot Croutons

How to cook herring with hot croutons

Croutons - common name of various kinds of bread fried in butter. They belong to the hot appetizers. Hot herring with croutons can be prepared not only for the holiday, but every day as a supplement to lunch or dinner.

You will need:

2 pcs. salted herring; 1 liter of milk; 4 eggs; 1 tbsp.…

How To Cook The Jam In The Bread Maker

How to cook the jam in the bread maker

Lovers of sweet necessarily come to the delight of that possibility, which is able to give them a modern bread machine. It turns out that these devices can not only bake a delicious and crunchy wheat or onion Saikou bar, but also to cook the jam. And you will not need a…

How To Prepare A Salad With Pomegranate

How to prepare a salad with pomegranate

Garnet - is one of the most beautiful and useful fruit, capable of maintaining a large and seemingly unpretentious skinned amazing juiciness, tart, sour-sweet taste and tenderness of a variety of vitamins. Any salad acquire refinement and originality, if you add the pomegranate seeds.

You will need:

For the salad pomegranate with fennel and celery…

How To Cook Vegetable Stew With Meat

How to cook vegetable stew with meat

Vegetable stew - excellent dinner. Especially in summer, when you want something less fat. It can be prepared with any addition of the taste of vegetables (potato, eggplant, and cabbage, etc.). Here's one recipe. The recipe is designed for 6 servings.

You will need:

500 gr. meat. It is best to fit not fat…

How To Make Jam Of Yellow Plums

How to make jam of yellow plums

Plums - it is useful and tasty fruit, which many grown in the country. Eat fresh fruit, you can use the sink for cooking delicious compote or jam. Very sweet and pleasant jam is obtained from yellow plum varieties.

You will need:

1 kg plums; 1.2 kg of sugar.

Instruction how to make jam…

Cooking Liver Cake

Cooking liver cake

The fact that the liver is useful to know all, and here is how to convince their home? Liver cake - great combination of delicious and useful. It will appeal to young children, and even fastidious husbands.

Liver The benefit is that only one of its portion is able to recover the monthly norm of many vitamins such…

How To Cook The Cereal At Home

How to cook the cereal at home

Muesli invented in the early 20th century Swiss doctor Maximilian Oskar Bircher Benner. Supporter is not just a healthy diet, but the raw food diet, Benner added to oatmeal pieces of grated apple and a little honey, nuts and a handful of useful began offering a healthy breakfast to patients of his clinic. Crunchy…

How To Distinguish Between Salmon Trout From

How to distinguish between salmon trout from

Fish salmon family live in ocean waters, and in the fresh waters of the Northern Hemisphere. Salmonid fish are valuable commercial fish due to their gentle and nutritious meat and eggs. The best-known representatives of this family are salmon, trout, salmon, sockeye, chum salmon, grayling and others. In Russia, the most popular fish such…

How To Cook A Duck With Rice

How to cook a duck with rice

Recipes Duck diverse. It is, for example, you can bake, boil, put out, supplemented by various side dishes. Duck wonderfully combined with apples, prunes, dried apricots, pineapple and rice. By the way, duck with rice - nutritious and balanced meal.

You will need:

small chilled duck; 2 cups long-grain rice; 5 Art. l. sunflower oil;…

How To Decorate Salmon

How to decorate salmon

Salmon, especially salty, traditionally a festive table decoration. Therefore, slicing salmon, sandwiches or any other dish of this fish will look even more tempting and appetizing, if you decorate them.

Instruction how to decorate salmon

Step 1:

Sandwiches with salted salmon With their cooking, you can use: sprigs of fresh herbs (dill, parsley), the feathers green onions, lettuce,…

How To Cook Fish Fillets In The Oven

How to cook fish fillets in the oven

Fish fillets can be a real salvation for the hostess, which is too little time for culinary experiments. Baked fillet quickly, and it is possible to prepare every day in many ways.

You will need:

fish fillet; onion; mayonnaise; salt; seasoning for fish; ground black pepper; vegetable oil; butter; cheese; flour; foil; carrot; potatoes;…

How To Freeze Fresh Berries?

How to freeze fresh berries?

In the summer, it's time to berry comes and goes quickly. But we want to get the vitamins and enjoy a tasty treat in the cold season. For this man began to harvest food for future use: pickle, jam, canned, freeze. The last of the storage methods berries is most preferred.

Various berries enrich the…

How To Fry Mushrooms And Onions

How to fry mushrooms and onions

Dishes from mushrooms deservedly popular among housewives, because in their nutritional value, these forest products are equal to meat. There are plenty of simple recipes for fried mushrooms and onions that will be good on any desk.

You will need:

For mushrooms and onions 200 g mushrooms; 25 g onion; salt to taste; vegetable oil; For…

How To Prepare Milk Fish?

How to prepare milk fish?

Milk fish - a highly controversial product. Some housewives like him and enthusiastically preparing their households, the other women are milk with some disgust, but in vain. After all, this product - a protein in a pure form, and therefore a useful and nutritious. With the right preparation process milk fish turns out very tasty.…

How To Cook In The Oven For Hedgehogs

How to cook in the oven for hedgehogs

The combination of minced meat and rice has long been a tradition and is called "hedgehogs". These meatballs, thanks to a grain of rice is really similar to the aggressive hedgehog, popular because of the simplicity of the recipe and its relative dietichnosti. Make the hedgehogs of minced meat even more useful help…

The Recipe For Stuffed Zucchini

The recipe for stuffed zucchini

Courgettes contain sodium and potassium salts, vitamins, minerals and pectin. Promotes better intestinal peristalsis. Therefore, you must include in your diet dish of zucchini. Stuffed zucchini tasty dish that is suitable for the festive table, and for the daily lunch or dinner.

You will need:

- zucchini; - chopped meat; - bow; - carrot; - Rice; -…

How To Cook Brussels Sprouts

How to cook Brussels sprouts

Small cabbage Brussels sprouts not accidentally become the pride of their country. According to the protein content of Brussels sprouts is superior to other varieties, it is rich in vitamins and. In Russia, this variety was in the middle of the last century, but to compete with the traditional white cabbage started just now. Ogo like…

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