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3 products, which increase the risk of depression

The modern pace of life sometimes obliges us to have a meal in a small cafe or bistro. At the same time during the last 10 years, people began to seven times more likely to be depressed. Scientists conducted a study and found products that can cause the development of depression.

3 products, which increase the risk of depression

1. Baking in the form of bagels, bagels, buns, as well as pasta and rice increases the risk of depression in women aged 50 years.

2. Non-alcoholic carbonated beverages. Very often we buy Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta. These drinks have a negative effect on the immune system and contribute to the development of depression.

3. Fast Food. People who regularly eat at fast-food establishments, 51% more likely to develop depression as opposed to those who do not attract the cunning tricks of marketers from companies such as McDonald's, KFC and other similar establishments.

Of course, not all that bad. If you rarely allow yourself to drink soda and eat a hot dog or cheeseburger (for example, once a month), and the depression does not threaten you. However, if you can not live without fries or a Big Mac, absorb liters carbonated beverages, then you should think seriously about their health and the revision of power.

Our body depends on food. Get energy can be only on the quality and the right products, but not on fast food, which is packed with trans fats, carcinogens and other harmful additives. With regular consumption, in addition to depression, there may be a lot of other problems: obesity, cardiovascular failure, fatigue, disruption of the internal organs, etc.