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As salt bacon

What all salinities can be made at home! Of course, the salty bacon is not a dietary product, but if you really want, then why not indulge in these simple home cooking delicacy.

As salt bacon

You will need:

Lard Coarse salt Garlic

Instruction how salt bacon

Step 1:

Prepare the bacon for salting. Wash the pieces of fat, scrape them and cut into pieces the width of five or six centimeters and a length of no more than fifteen centimeters.

Step 2:

Liberally rub lard coarse salt. Overdone bacon salting with this method you are unlikely, and excess salt can always shake off.

Step 3:

Peel garlic cloves from skins and cut each clove into three or four parts. Every four centimeters pierce with a knife slices of bacon. The knife should be easy to go into fat, otherwise it after salting will not chew. Insert the garlic cloves into the resulting hole.

Step 4:

Put the fat in processed container products and put in the fridge for four days.

Step 5:

Prosolivsheesya Remove fat from the container, wrap in foil and transfer to a freezer. Once the fat becomes solid, it is ready.