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As simple to cook semolina pudding with cherry sauce (in kindergarten)

Probably everyone remembers the semolina pudding, which was given in kindergarten. It was very tasty and tender. And sometimes she wants to remember his childhood. And it is very easy - simply cook semolina pudding on this recipe! A cherry sauce to complement soft and fragrant taste of this wonderful puddings!

As simple to cook semolina pudding with cherry sauce (in kindergarten)

You will need:

Ingredients for zapeaanki: Milk - 375 ml Butter - 40 gr. Vanilla sugar - 5 g. Lemon peel - 1 tsp Semolina - 75g. Seedless raisins - 40 gr. Egg yolks - 70 grams. Egg whites - 110 g. Sugar - 75g. Ingredients for the sauce: 300 gr. frozen cherries (defrost) 40 c. 150 ml sugar. cherry juice 30 oz. butter, 30 ml. cherry liqueur 1 teaspoon of starch

Instruction how easy to cook semolina pudding with cherry sauce (in kindergarten)

Step 1:

Milk boil and add the vanilla sugar, butter and a teaspoon of lemon peel. Carefully stir in the milk slowly pour the semolina. After the pan remove from heat and leave to swell semolina.

Step 2:

The swollen and chilled semolina add the raisins and egg yolks. All the beat with a mixer. Protein whisk together the sugar and add to the weight of semolina, all mix with a mixer until smooth. Next, spread on a baking sheet and put in the oven to bake at 160 degrees for 40-45 minutes until golden brown.

Step 3:

To make the sauce, you need to pour the sugar pan and melt it. Add oil, half a glass of cherry juice and mix well. The remaining cherry juice add starch and pour into the pan. There also add liquor and whole cherries. Mix everything. Casserole apply square in small pieces, and a small amount of water the cherry sauce. Bon Appetit!