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As smoke duck

Smoking - the process time-consuming and lengthy. Thus, relatively rapid hot smoking requires not less than 6-8 hours, and cold smoking made within several days. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the device for smoking, smokehouse, and stock up on chips and firewood. But creating a culinary masterpiece, such as duck with juniper berries, fragrant-smelling smoke, it is worth the labor and time.

As smoke duck

You will need:

For a simple smokehouse: galvanized bucket with a lid; alder chips rowan apple pear plum; grate on the legs; rowan wood alder apple pear plum. For duck smoked: 1 duck; garlic; 2 onions; 50-100 g of salt; 10 g of sugar; 1 tsp ground cloves.; 1 tsp ground cinnamon.; 0.5 tsp ground allspice.; 3-4 bay leaves. For the smoked duck with juniper berries 1 small duck; 100-150 grams of garlic; ground allspice; ground black pepper; 1 tsp salt.; 1 tsp sugar.; ¼ teaspoon of citric acid.; 3-4 dried juniper berries. For the smoked duck: duck lean meat breed; salt (30 g per kg of poultry); nitrate (1 pinch per kg poultry); spices (to taste).

Instruction how to smoke a duck

Step 1:

Simple koptilnyaVozmite galvanized bucket on the bottom pour a layer of wood chips or shavings in the 1-2 cm thick. Set in the bucket grate, put on the grill prepared bird close the bucket lid, kindle the fire under the grate. Do not open the lid during smoking.

Step 2:

Duck kopcheniyaOschipayte hot, rinse the duck, gut, remove the small feathers, cut paws, neck and wings to the first knuckle. Wash the bird very carefully. Rub with salt, put in a deep bowl, soak in the cold for 2-3 days.

Step 3:

Pour into a pan of water at the rate of 1 liter per 1 kg of poultry. Stir in the salt water, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, bay leaf and sugar, bring to a boil, remove from heat and cool in a sealed container, so as not blown away the smell of spices.

Step 4:

Pour this duck broth to cover it for 1-2 cm, stir, make sure that the salt has dissolved. Put in a cold room for 2 days. Remove the duck from the brine, hang in a dry place at room temperature, wait until the bird obsohnet. Copts duck for 4-5 hours at a temperature of 70-80 ° C, then another 5-6 hours at 50-60 ° C.

Step 5:

Smoked duck with juniper yagodoyRazrezhte duck in the middle of the breast, mix salt, pepper, sugar, juniper berries, citric acid, squeeze garlic to spice. Rub this mixture of duck inside and out, put in a bowl, press down the load and marinate for 2 days in the cold. Rinse and pat dry the carcass, then smoked alder twigs in cold smoke for 2 days.

Step 6:

Plucked, eviscerated carcass, cut the wings to the first knuckle, legs and neck. Wash the bird, cut along the back, separate the meat from the bone, remove bones. Place in a deep dish, sprinkle with salt, saltpetre, spices, soak in the cold for 2 days.

Step 7:

Roll out the carcass skin is very tight, tie with string, rub the salt with spices, wrap in cheesecloth and hang in a cold room for another 2-3 days. Copts cold smoke for 2-3 days.