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Bran for weight loss - a simple and effective way to

In pursuit of the new-fangled means of weight loss, we do not notice the ones that are more efficient and more natural than many expensive medications. If you have tried a lot of diets and have not achieved positive results, it's time to pay attention to the bran, which are soft and help to lose weight permanently. Bran for weight loss - a simple, efficient and inexpensive method to easily get rid of the extra kilos.

Bran for weight loss - a simple and effective way to

Useful properties of bran. Bran - a residual material after perarabotki grain. Fiber in its purest form - that is their basic structure. Eating bran, can be very effectively cleanse the body naturally. Bran contains vitamins A, E, and zinc, selenium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, and others. Useful substances contained in them, improve metabolism, regulate the level of glucose in the blood is withdrawn from the body of harmful cholesterol. And now, you can help fight dysbiosis. On sale there are several types of bran: wheat, rye, oat. Rye and oat bran useful wheat by the presence of vitamins and roughage. But to start losing weight with the best wheat, as they are softer on the action.

Bran for weight loss. Bran - a great product for anti-stress diet. If you have never used the bran, start with three teaspoons a day. Gradually bringing the use of up to three tablespoons. Prerequisite reception bran - eating the right amount of water. In one tablespoon of bran - one or two glasses of water. Take bran diet for twenty minutes before a meal. Weight loss is provided expense of filling of the stomach and reduce calorie of food consumed. But they need to be not just include the bran diet, but limit itself to the use of other products. Bran for weight loss can be used both in pure form, as well as adding to various dishes: soup, porridge, salad. With them, you can cook different pies - cheese, bean, pea. Taste qualities omelet from one spoon of bran and will not be affected, and the benefits increase.

Eat bran is no more than ten days in a row, take a break.

Food bran. With the bran can be prepared in a variety of flour products. Kneading the dough into cakes, muffins or donuts, add a couple tablespoons of bran and oatmeal. You'll get the dough, obagaschennoe most useful substances.

Evening yogurt drink with the addition of bran. Your gut will tell you thank you. 

Add bran at different fillings. For example: fresh apple rub on a coarse grater, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon, one tablespoon of bran. Excellent filling for pies ready. Tasty and healthy.