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Chicken soup with rice and potatoes

Often this state, when something you want, and what - is unclear. Perhaps the time has come for the chicken soup with rice and potatoes! And that, and quite economical, and quite tasty.

Chicken soup with rice and potatoes Ingredients: water - 2 liters; chicken - 600 g; carrots - 1-1.5 pc .; potatoes - 1-1.5 pc .; Onions - 1 pc .; Rice - 1/4 cup; herbs, spices, salt - to taste. preparation

To save money, purchase immediately whole chicken - thighs with wings can be used for some other dishes. Carcase cut into two pieces and one set aside in the freezer "for later".

The second part of carcass rinse under running water and cut into two parts. It's time to cook the chicken broth - a basis for soup. Making its richness. Fill the water pan, put back the pieces of meat produced. Pot put on fire.

While in a saucepan boil water, peel the potatoes, onions and carrots. Wash all the vegetables and cut into pieces as you like. Carrots grate. Do not forget to keep an eye on the pan, so that when the water comes to a boil in it, it will be necessary to remove the foam to form.

After boiling podsolite broth to taste, add the chopped potatoes and rice, reduce heat to low and simmer at a pace for about 40 minutes. At this time, fry the onions and carrots in a pan with a little oil until golden.

Add the fried onions ready soup with carrots, greens. Cover and removing from the heat, let it brew for a little dish. Before submitting chicken soup in the plates, it is possible to get the meat out of the pan, divided into small pieces and put them back.