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Cooking delicious meat: steak and roast beef

Summer - time for relaxation, pampering and pleasure. And the food at this time want special - delicious, almost festive. If the barbecue in nature seem bored, is to cook meat is something new. It may well be dishes that are considered by most "Restaurant" option.

Cooking delicious meat: steak and roast beef


Depending on the cut taken can receive two different types of steak. If you cook it from a thin edge - it striploin steak, a thick - ribeye. In the first case, you will need additional treatment, with a wide hand it is important to remove small veins. The thickness of the steak right -. At least 2 cm Meat should be ripe and necessarily lie down for half an hour on the table, after cooling to warm to room temperature. Thereafter the steak smeared with oil (but not salt or pepper) and fried in hot skillet, pan-grill, grill or barbecue for three minutes on each side. Ready meat necessarily give soak for 2 minutes on a warm plate, covering it with foil on top. Only after this dish flavored with salt and pepper and served on a warm dish, so that it cools more slowly.

Roast beef

For the preparation of the dishes use the rump of the same name, or the flesh of the blade and cutting. Meat also allowed to warm after cooling, but the salt and pepper sprinkled on it even in its raw form. After this piece of fast roasted on a hot frying pan that the meat was covered with a crust. As such, it is rubbed with butter and mustard and wrapped in foil, tightly clutching the edge of everything. Bake for 40-50 minutes, you need to roast, preheat the oven to 180 degrees.