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Cooking salad "Mimosa" with apple

"Mimosa" - a salad, a favorite with many cooks preparing the simplicity and availability of ingredients. The basis of formulation - canned fish, eggs, onions and mayonnaise. It is not only satisfying but also a bright dish that can decorate any table. It is crowned by an egg yolk, reminiscent of its color silvery acacia. Try changing the classic "Mimoza" salad recipe and add the apple - it will bring a familiar dish original taste and lightness.

Cooking salad & quot; Mimosa & quot; with apple

You will need:

- Bank of canned pink salmon; - Eggs (5 pcs.); - Apple (1 pc.); - Onions (3 head); - Carrots (3-4 pcs.); - Potatoes (3 pcs.); - Dill and onion feathers (along the beam); - Butter and mayonnaise to taste.

Instruction preparing salad "mimosa" with apple

Step 1:

Hard-boiled eggs, clean, peel and finely chop up proteins, egg yolks and rub through a sieve. Boil the potatoes and carrots, remove peel and rub on a coarse grater vegetables - each in a separate bowl. Raw onion slice, canned pink salmon fold in a colander to glass excess fluid. Fish bone removed, the pulp mash with a fork.

Step 2:

Lay out the salad layers in the following order: fish; bow; proteins; carrot; an Apple; potatoes. Each layer of grease a small amount of mayonnaise.

Step 3:

Top courses cover the softened butter and sprinkle with grated egg yolk. Decorate ready "Mimosa apple" salad finely chopped fresh herbs.

Step 4:

If you want even more to diversify the classic recipe "Mimosa", cover a layer of apples grated cheese of any solid grade. Mayonnaise dressing can be replaced on the basis of thick cream or homemade yogurt without fruit flavors. Add the milk product pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and scroll in a blender. Fill favorite salad and certainly surprise you home and family friends of his trivial taste.