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Cooking the goose in Russian for New Year's table

Any holiday memorable tasty treat. New Year - is no exception. Roast goose for Christmas feasts has long been a central dish, which will remember all year.

Cooking the goose in Russian for New Year's table

You will need:

- Goose gutted - 1 pc; - Garlic - 1-2 heads; - Bay leaf - 2 pcs; - A weak solution of vinegar - 1-2 tbsp .; - Greens - 1 bunch; - Salt and pepper - to taste. Garnish to choose from: - rice, buckwheat, potatoes, baked apples, etc.

Instruction preparing goose in Russian for New Year's table

Step 1:

To goose carcass start to cook, take care in advance about how to unfreeze it. Better to do it in the wild. If you want to disembowel prey, then rinse under running water and pat dry with a towel.

Step 2:

garlic heads disassemble into slices, peel and finely chop. Mix the garlic with salt and pepper.

Step 3:

The skin of the carcass do a lot of small holes. Each insert a mixture of finely chopped garlic, salt and pepper. Inside also add a few cloves of garlic, salt, and be sure to put bay leaves.

Step 4:

To goose retained its shape, put into a clean bottle, sew belly with thick thread.

Step 5:

Pour over the cake mix from all sides vinegar, leave for 30 minutes to impregnate. Prepare a baking dish, put the bird in it. Top cover with water, 180-200 ml is sufficient.

Step 6:

Place the dishes with a goose in a cold oven. Turn on the oven, let the product warms up gradually. Cooking the goose will have at least 3 hours, during which time periodically heated with water the carcass juice.

Step 7:

Ready Christmas goose post to the table as a whole. Before serving, remove the bottle, put the carcass in the dish. Around the birds lay fragrant pickled plums, baked apples and potatoes. At the end garnish with sprigs of greenery.