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Do I need to sterilize the jars for winter harvesting?

For many housewives pressing question of winter preparations and, in particular, the issue of sterilization cans. Previously, banks were sterilized over steam, but now it can be easily done in the oven or microwave. But is it really necessary sterilization of cans? Or is it possible to do without her?

Do I need to sterilize the jars for winter harvesting?

Banks are sterilized to kill all microorganisms and bacteria that may lead to subsequent fermentation products, their appearance or acidification mold. Definitely better than the banks still sterilized. So home-made stand for much longer, and the risk of fermentation will be reduced to a minimum. But even a long pre-sterilized jars will not give 100% guarantee that the bank will not explode in the winter. Here an important role is played by the products themselves.

So is it possible to do without sterilization? If you roll up for the winter compote of fruit or berry, the banks are not necessarily sterilized. As practice shows, enough to boil the syrup, pour it into a jar of it laid the fruits or berries, wait 15 minutes, then drain the syrup back into the pot, boil again, again pour into a jar and roll. The Bank should turn upside down and wrap up at night in a blanket. Rolled up so perfectly compotes are more than one year. In this way, quite neobayatelny sterilized jars over the steam, but still before laying in her fruit, the bank it is necessary to wash well with soap and water or with soda, rinse and dry.

As for the jam, everything is ambiguous. But for secure better sterilize the jar on the ferry or in the oven. So jam not exactly ferment. Some have already rolled sterilized jars, put them in a saucepan with water. Such a method is also good, it gives greater assurance that domestic work is not deteriorate over time.

Lecho, various salads, hot closed only in sterilized jars. sterilization time should be 15-20 minutes, no less.

Banks under the cucumbers and tomatoes can not be sterilized. They pour hot brine and put in a dark place for 3 days, then drained the brine is boiled and then poured into a jar. With this method of sterilization is unnecessary and cucumbers are all winter.

Sterilization of cans is desirable but optional process. It is understood that all depends not only on the jars and lids, but also on the products. Shelf life can be extended by placing a slice of lemon in a jar or a little more sugar, if it is a jam or compote. If you are afraid for your workpiece, then, of course, the best pre-sterilized jars, it will give confidence that products will not deteriorate, and in the winter you can enjoy tasty and healthy pickles, jams, compotes, and pickles homemade.