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Easter salad «Pysanka»

Festive Easter table is famous for an abundance of meat and hearty. The perfect complement to the traditional Easter cake and eggs would be nice delicious layered salad, decorated with gentle colors and patterns.

Easter Salad & laquo; Pysanka & raquo;

You will need:

- 3 boiled potatoes; - 200 g smoked chicken; - 200 g canned pineapple; - 5 boiled eggs; - 2 onions; - 2 apples; - 150 g of mayonnaise; - 150 g sour cream; - 1 teaspoon of lemon juice; - Ground black pepper; - Salt; Marinade: - 200 ml of water; - 6 tablespoons of vinegar; - 2 teaspoons sugar; - a pinch of salt; To decorate: - green; - Pomegranate seeds; - Boiled carrot; - Canned green peas; - Bell pepper;

Instruction Easter Salad «Easter egg»

Step 1:

Peel the potatoes, grate. Add salt and pepper to taste. With apples, remove the peel, remove the core, chop the flesh on a grater.

Step 2:

Prepare marinade sugar, vinegar, salt and water. Onions cut into rings, marinate.

Step 3:

Smoked chicken chop sticks, chop pineapple cubes. Chop eggs, yolk and one part protein aside for decoration.

Step 4:

Mayonnaise mix with sour cream, lubricate the mix dish. On it lay half layers of potato mass, then half of the pickled onions.

Step 5:

Spread half of the chicken, brush with a little mayonnaise sauce. Malic weight sprinkle with lemon juice and half lay the next layer.

Step 6:

On an apple lay half a layer of egg masses, grease mayonnaise sauce. Next, lay out of the pieces of pineapple. Subsequently, repeat the layers in the same order, the eggs lay out the top layer.

Step 7:

Arrange salad. Sprinkle with chopped on a fine grater yolk. Lay sprigs of greenery of pomegranate seeds lay out small flowers or "berries".

Step 8:

Form of boiled carrots inscription framed track of canned green peas and flowers, which can be cut out protein and sweet pepper.