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Features Thai

Many like Thailand not only for the warm sea and the sun all year round, but for the national dishes. Original, useful and incredibly tasty.

Features Thai

The freshest shrimp, mussels, scallops, lobsters, a variety of exotic fruits and spices, vegetables, rice and transparent rice noodles - these are the main products of Thai cuisine. Note that most of the dishes quite sharp, so when you order better to say: "know spicy." 

Rice in all forms

In Asia, they know how to cook an incredibly tasty fried rice with egg, herbs, spices and various fillings - chicken, seafood and vegetables. Portions are generally large, so making the order, calculate the forces. 

Also worth a try rice noodles - it can be supplied either as a separate dish, and garnish, it is often added to soups. 


King of Thai soups, of course, is that the pits. This spicy soup with prawns, which has a pronounced flavor of lemon grass. As with any spicy dish, it is better to order a small portion of boiled rice. 

Tom ka (or tom kha) - is also very popular among tourists. In the classic version is a slightly sweet soup based on coconut milk with chunks of chicken and mushrooms. You can often find that ka and shrimp. 


Caesar or Olivier can be found only in a European or Russian restaurants. But there is great variety of unusual salad with bean sprouts, papaya, pomelo, or green mango. As a rule, most salads too acute, if you do not ask them to do "know spicy." 

Dishes with cashew

Many hot dishes, especially chicken, prepared with a lot of cashew nuts. 

Massaman curry

The famous Thai dish, which is based on curry paste, in urgent measure. Beef and potato stew in coconut milk with the addition of many spices, so the dish has sballansirovanny sweet-tangy taste. It can prepare tokzhe and chicken. As is known, massaman included in the menu of the royal court. 


For seafood is best to go to special restaurants and cafes, where they are presented in a live form, and you can choose a victim, which is prepared right before your eyes. 


Of course, in a country with such a variety of fruit, such as do not even want to order desserts. But osobgo noteworthy fried bananas that during heat treatment acquire a special taste and aroma. And on the streets selling pancakes with fried bananas. 

Thais often eat on the street, the streets are always selling kebabs on the grill, soups, rice and other dishes. The markets also have food courts. In Asia, cheap food - does not mean bad. The little street eatery is often much more tasty than in restaurants with expensive hotels.