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Homemade cocktail with alcohol

Light cocktail with a small amount of alcohol are perfect for friendly gatherings. They are able to create a pleasant mood and will not harm the health and do not cause severe intoxication.

Homemade cocktail with alcohol

Tea Mojito with ice

Prepare a glass of plain white sugar, 5 tea bags Earl Grey, a bunch of mint, lime 4, 300 ml of rum, ice. First you have to make tea. To do this, add the tea bags and mint into a suitable bowl, pour three or four cups of boiling water, leave the brew - it will need 5 minutes. Put the sugar in the tea, stir and put cool. Then start to prepare the cocktail.

For the cocktail is well suited tall glasses. One of the limes cut into circles, three squeeze the juice and mix it with rum and tea. Put on the bottom of the ice glasses, pour the mixture on top of rum with tea and lime juice. Cut circles arrange on the edge of the glass. Serve immediately.

Cocktail Shot with grenadine

Shot - a cocktail party for up to one drink. Grenadine called pomegranate liqueur (cherry syrup can be replaced). One portion of its required 10 ml. Prepare, in addition, 25 ml vodka 15 ml lemon juice.

To prepare the shots you'll need regular glass. Pour grenadine into it. Now it should be layered lemon juice - he carefully poured using a small spoon, and not mixed with the bottom layer. For this purpose it is necessary to pour the juice so that it flowed down the inner wall of glass. The last layer is poured on top of vodka - it is also possible to use a spoon. Shot to drink in one gulp.