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Homemade ice cream with different flavors

During the summer, nice and helpful with the children to prepare homemade ice cream. On the basis of the same base recipe can be prepared with different flavors treat, adding more and more ingredients.

Homemade ice cream with different flavors

To prepare the foundation for the homemade ice cream, you will need 3 eggs, 300 ml cream, 70 grams of sugar. Proteins must be separated from the yolks. Then, in a separate vessel with the addition of whipped whites pinch of salt. Whisk the yolks in another capacity with the addition of sugar. Cream and whipped separately.

Now mix the cream with proteins and carefully pour in a thin stream these proteins. If you will be adding a filler for the taste, it is necessary to do it at the moment. Now place the prepared mixture in the freezer. While it is frozen, it is useful to mix her a couple of times - it will help eliminate the formation of icicles. To prepare such a cream sufficiently five to six hours.

For chocolate ice cream will need to include ingredients 100 g of dark or bitter chocolate - according to your taste. Chocolate mangled to pieces, melt to a liquid state, cool and mix with the liquid mixture for ice cream before placing in the freezer. The chocolate ice cream, you can add the grated chocolate.

To prepare the lemon ice cream with a light refreshing taste, add to the basic ingredients of a lemon and a jar of condensed milk, eggs for this delicacy will not be necessary. Press the lemon - you will need about 50 ml of juice. Whip the cream until thick, add a condensed milk, mix well. Pour the juice, mix everything again. The mixture was poured into a mold and placed in the freezer. To extract every two hours, mix and put back, and so on until all hardens. It turns out delicious lemon ice cream with a slight acidity. Before serving, you can decorate with fruits, mint leaves.