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How better to shake up proteins

Whipped egg whites used in the preparation of various desserts, soufflés, meringues, biscuit dough. When whipping proteins capable of being converted into a dense soft creamy foam. Properly whipped, they will give the finished dish a lightness and ease.

How better to shake up proteins

You will need:

- Egg whites; - A bowl for whipping; - Mixer; - Lemon juice acetic acid, cream of tartar and salt.

Instruction how best to whip the whites

Step 1:

Prepare dishes for whipping proteins. It is best suited for this purpose a copper container, as well as glass, ceramic or stainless steel. Do not use aluminum or plastic utensils. The tank should be clean and completely dry. Before whipping wipe the cup wall and the mixer beaters lemon juice, and then dry them.

Step 2:

Choose whipping fresh eggs as possible. Though she will be whipped and longer, but will retain its volume for a long time. Carefully separate the white from the yolk, using, for example, a paper funnel. The protein should not drop even yolk.

Step 3:

Start whisking whites framework beaters on low speed. Gradually increase the speed of rotation of the corolla as whipping. Make sure the beaters were getting to the bottom of dishes.

Step 4:

Beat whites until conditions specified in your recipe. There are 4 stages of whipped proteins: foam, soft peaks, solid peaks over beaten egg whites. Proteins whipped into a foam remain liquid on the surface formed bubbles, but they do not form holding. Further whipping foam becomes white, wet. Proteins, whipped to soft peaks, settle quickly. The maximum amount (4-5 times more than the original) proteins reach the peaks at the stage of solid. Foam acquires luster, does not flow on tilting bowl. When proteins are grainy and dry, it means that you are overdoing it. It is necessary to add fresh protein and start whipping the mass again to the desired consistency.

Step 5:

Add a foam stage in lemon juice proteins, acetic acid, cream of tartar, or a pinch of salt in order to give additional stability to the beaten egg whites. Moreover, the whipping process goes faster, and more homogeneous mass obtained.

Step 6:

Inject proteins in whipped cream or dough very carefully in small portions while stirring in an upward direction.