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How do fish softer

A tasty and healthy product - fish. It is a source of protein, it is quite a good alternative to meat. In addition, fish is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iodine. For residents of the territories, far from the sea, this is an important criterion for the usefulness of the product. But many do not like to fish for its odor. Or that some fish during cooking becomes dry and hard.

How do fish softer

You will need:

- a fish; - Salt; - lemon acid; - Milk.

Instruction how to make fish softer

Step 1:

If you buy frozen fish, put it to thaw in cold water. To prevent the loss of vitamins and make meat more soft and juicy, add water a little salt or Acidify it with citric acid. In no case do not thaw frozen fish in hot water, it will make the fish meat is tough and tasteless. Fish fillets thawed without water, just air. Thawed fish wash thoroughly in cold water.

Step 2:

If you cook the fish, add water, a glass of milk, it will reduce the fishy smell and make the meat more juicy and tasty. Lower the fish should be in boiling water and immediately reduce the heat to medium, so that the water not much seethed. Readiness can be defined by the fins, the fish have finished they will be easily separated from the trunk. Do not overcook, it will make the meat dry and tasteless.

Step 3:

To fry the fish, prepare it, and dry with a tissue as possible. Then it will be fried, not stew in their own juice. Before frying salt it and sprinkle with lemon juice. This will make the meat softer and reduce the peculiar smell, fish fry thoroughly and faster, eventually, will be juicier. Save juiciness can breading: dip slices in beaten egg and roll in flour.

Step 4:

Put the fish before cooking in milk for half an hour or obmazhte her sour cream - is another way to make the taste tender and juicy.

Step 5:

Cook the fish for a couple, this way you will save the most useful properties produkta.Glavnoe condition for all the ways - not to its long-term heat treatment, it is digested or Refried fish becomes dry and tough. Cooking temperature should be high, but the process does not need to delay. The fish is prepared rather quickly when the meat starts to separate from the bone, the process is completed.