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How to apply absinthe

Appearing in France, absinthe quickly became the favorite drink of the great French painters and poets. Whether a strong aperitif allowed to forget about pressing issues, or really called creative inspiration, and even drunken hallucinations - it is unknown. The original absinthe recipe is lost, but still try to apply modernized drink according to traditional rules.

How to apply absinthe

Instruction submitting absinthe

Step 1:

Net absinthe has a very bitter taste bad. It can even burn the throat if it does not dilute. Therefore, absinthe made to add sugar. This process is carried out in complete darkness, as the mysterious ritual of the French decadence. Absinthe is poured in a thin glass and set on fire. Above the flaming drink holding teaspoon with lying in it a piece of sugar. Due to the fire the sugar melts, then it is poured into a glass of absinthe. Putting a saucer on a glass of absinthe, the bartender puts out fire. When a person is ready to drink the bitter hot drink, saucer removed and absinthe drunk in one gulp, not yet evaporated fumes alcoholic beverage. For those who want the thrill, you can breathe the vapors of hot absinthe, lifting the saucer. Typically, absinthe is not washed down, but be prepared for a sharp burning taste.

Step 2:

Try to feel the contrasting tastes of burning absinthe and ice water. Pour the absinthe into a narrow glass. The tea box put a little cane sugar and moisten his absinthe. Set fire to the contents of the spoon. Sugar begins to melt and flow into the glass. Be careful: absinthe in a glass can ignite. When the required number of sugar drops fall into a glass, a thin stream (you can on the edge) is poured into ice water, absinthe. Drink in one gulp.

Step 3:

French way to prepare absinthe. Pour into a glass one part absinthe. On top of the glass, place a special absinthe spoon (it looks like a spatula with figured cut a hole). Put a sugar cube on the spoon and pour ice water on him - to one part absinthe three parts water. The water dissolves the sugar and absinthe in a glass mixed with sugar syrup. The drink will be slightly cloudy and thick. In this case, set fire to absinthe is not necessary.