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How to Beat the whites without mixer

It would seem that there is nothing easier than to whip egg whites. But what in this case, if there were no hand mixer or blender? If you approach this process carefully, sorting out all the intricacies of whipping protein, you will not be difficult to prepare a lush white foam by hand using conventional forks or corolla.

How to Beat the whites without mixer

You will need:

- glass or copper utensils; - Towel; - Eggs; - Whisk or fork; - Salt.

Instruction how to whip the whites without mixer

Step 1:

So, before you start whipping egg yolks, you need the right approach to the selection and preparation of dishes. In no case do not use a dish made of aluminum or plastic. Ideal for whipping proteins - copper capacity, if the house is not available, suitable glass or metal utensils. The main thing that it was not narrow and easy to use.

Step 2:

Dishes are chosen, now it is necessary to carefully prepare before you start the process of beating the egg yolks. It must be absolutely clean and dry (but in any case not wet and especially oily), wash thoroughly for this container and pour over boiling water, pat dry with a towel. After this procedure, dishes will be completely ready for use.

Step 3:

Many of you think that whipping should be taken extremely cold proteins, but it is not so. Cold Egg has a dense structure, so when whipping poorly oxygenated and becomes not as lush as one would like. It is therefore recommended to use proteins room temperature, they can easily become saturated with oxygen, keep their shape and do not spread during baking.

Step 4:

Before you separate the whites from the yolks, eggs, wash under running water with soap and dry with a towel. Even the slightest drop of water does not get into a protein, it will lead to failure during whipping (yolk, too, must not be present in the separated protein).

Step 5:

Take a corolla with thin rods, or plug and start beating whites with low speed, gradually increasing speed. If you start immediately whisking quickly, it may be that they do not vzobyutsya and remain liquid. When whipping always move clockwise, reaching tool to the bottom of dishes.

Step 6:

whisking process takes place in several stages, the first proteins are converted into a fluffy white foam. The second stage: the consistency is much thicker, but not yet holds its shape and decreases with the corolla, sugar should be introduced at this stage. The third stage: the beating coming to an end, the proteins become shiny, thick and well keep their shape. A little secret that will speed up the process: at the beginning of whipping add a small pinch of salt proteins.