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How to braise meat in beer

Stewed in beer, it becomes a very delicate texture and pleasant taste. It is particularly convenient to cook beef in this way, which is often harsh. The process of cooking food will take time, but the result will impress even discerning palate.

How to braise meat in beer

You will need:

- 1 kg of lean beef; - 2 large onions; 3 cloves of garlic; - 1 large sweet orange; - 600 ml dark beer; - 1 teaspoon of brown sugar; - Salt; - Freshly ground black pepper; - 0.5 teaspoon ground nutmeg; - 2 tablespoon of flour; - 4 tablespoon of vegetable oil; - 2 tablespoons tablespoons butter.

Instruction how to braise meat in beer

Step 1:

Try to cook beef in a thick beer sauce. To prepare the dishes take dark beers - such as "Guinness" or porter. Meat is prepared in beer for about 2 hours - the longer it languishes, the more delicious it turns out.

Step 2:

Lean beef wash, peel from the films and cut into cubes with sides of about 2.5 cm. Dry the meat cubes with a paper towel. In a plate, combine the flour with salt, freshly ground black pepper and ground nutmeg. Roll in a mixture of meat on all sides.

Step 3:

In a skillet or deep roasting pan, heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable and 1 table spoon of butter. Put half of prepared meat cubes and fry them until golden brown. Put the meat on a plate, in a saucepan put more oil and fry remaining beef. Squeeze the juice from the orange peel cut into thin strips.

Step 4:

Clean and cut the onion into thin rings, finely chop the garlic in a mortar or interpret. Put the garlic and onion in a saucepan and stir, sauté a few minutes. Stir the brown sugar mixture and keep on heat for 1-2 minutes. Sugar should be caramelized.

Step 5:

Put beef in a saucepan, pour the beer and orange juice. Sprinkle with half of orange peel dish, toss the bay leaf. Bring the mixture to a boil, then cover the dish with a lid, reduce heat and cook for 2-2.5 hours. Periodically lift the lid, controlling density of the sauce. If it becomes too viscous, dilute it by pouring a little water in a saucepan or a beer.

Step 6:

After 2 hours, when the meat is tender, remove it from the bay leaf. Try a dish - you may need to add salt and freshly ground black pepper. If you like, throw a pinch of ground nutmeg. Sprinkle the cooked meat in the beer remaining orange chips. The dish can be decorated with bay leaves and sprigs of fresh parsley.

Step 7:

Arrange the meat on warm plates. As a side dish suitable mashed potatoes, rice or french fries. To post porter beef or red table wine.