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How to choose a sponge for dishes

It would seem that a sponge - something small and discreet, but without it is difficult to imagine modern life. In the arsenal of every housewife, usually several: dishwashing, bath, toilet, dusting, etc.

How to choose a sponge for dishes foam sponge

Most often found in the kitchen. Detergent her fine foam, sponge well and gently cleanses the soiled surface. The downside (abrasive) side is easy to brush away burnt-on food and grease. Advantages: the cheapest on the market, sold everywhere, can be used for any utensils. Disadvantages: the jaw should be changed every 7-10 days, or they evolve harmful bacteria and viruses.

Foam sponge relief (profile)

Sponges oversized abrasive cleaning layer profile. Ideal for removing dirt from surfaces. Special profile protects the fingers and nails when washing dishes or uborke.Chistyaschy abrasive layer. The rest did not differ from conventional foam sponges.

Sponge poronovaya with capture

Typically, these sponges sold set of two pieces. One of the jaws to remove dirt from Teflon and delicate surfaces, one for coarse dirt, soot and other things. Advantages: easy to hold in your hand, there is no chance of hurting your hands with intensive cleaning. Durability standard foam sponges. Disadvantages: Sponge Foam and requires periodic change, are more expensive than usual, because of its unpopularity rarely found in stores.

Sponges of expanded polyurethane foam

Due to the absence of abrasive layer suitable for any type of washing dishes. Sponge consists of two layers: the cleaning and foaming. Polyurethane foam impregnated with antimicrobial additives, which eliminates the odor. Advantages: suitable even for delicate cleaning nonstick cookware, glass, Teflon. They have a longer life compared to foam. Disadvantages: rather big price for sponges.

Metal sponges

Simply indispensable to any kitchen. Made of thin shavings of stainless steel. Advantages: indispensable for the purification of food and stale burnt fat. Disadvantages: over time, begin to crumble, and the small chips can severely injure the hands, hence the frequent use of the sponge should be changed to the new.

Cloth rag in a tough shell

Suitable not only for washing dishes, but also for intensive cleaning of soot, old deposits on pots, pans, cauldrons. Suitable for cleaning plumbing. Advantages: universal, low price. Disadvantages: Due to the constant humidity becomes slippery and there is an unpleasant smell.

Sponge for washing dishes with dispenser

These sponges appeared recently. They represent a sponge with a plastic handle, which is filled with detergent. Pros: thanks to this konstrktsii sponge is completely absent skin contact of hands with household cleaning products. Detergent is very economically spent. Disadvantages: foam sponge layer very quickly wears out.