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How to choose a stew

Manufacturers stew often produce your product only with the scent of meat, while the bank are only pieces of soybeans. It is necessary to follow some rules in order not to fall for the hype and buy a real stew, as well as to identify poor quality product.

How to choose a stew

Instruction how to choose a stew

Step 1:

Note that the quality stew simply can not be cheap. Meat stew boiled for about 40%. This means that for the preparation of a standard 338-gram cans need about a pound of raw meat. It turns out that a good stew does not cost a penny.

Step 2:

Keep in mind that this stew, which is produced in accordance with GOST, should have long-established name "Pork stew" or "beef stew". Other product name indicate that stew made recipes for technical products.

Step 3:

Prefer stew in glass jars. Indeed, in this case, you can carefully consider its contents. In quality corned beef should be visible pieces of meat dark red color that float in brownish juice. The top should be a layer of white or yellowish fat. Look at that bank was clean, had stains. The cover must not have any trace of rust, all kinds of damage and defects.

Step 4:

If, however, you have to buy canned meat in cans, inspect it carefully. About the contents of the cans can only speculate on the outer packaging form. Hold the jar in his hands. If at some point, it is deformed, it is best not to buy it. After it is broken when damaged inner coating which comprises a zinc, tin, nickel. After contact of the human body may poisoning. Swollen Bank - is further proof that the product is spoiled.

Step 5:

Thus, the cans must be tightly clogged, and their lids and bottoms - flat and concave. The composition of stew, which was created by the technical specifications may include herbal supplements. On the cover of the banks have to be information about the manufacturer and the manufacturer's code.

Step 6:

Note that in the stew, which is prepared for National Standards, must be 56% of meat and fat, and the rest - a broth. Meat slices should be about 30 grams each and look like one large piece, which has been withdrawn from the banks must not break down. The flavor is not odors should be present. The meat should be juicy and have a foreign flavor. And one more thing: a product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. From this it can be spoiled before the expiration date.