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How to choose a useful snack

Proper nutrition and sports - the easiest and most effective way to get rid of the hated kilograms or maintain your body in perfect condition. In addition to the main meals, to stave off hunger on a healthy diet, you can use snacks. However, they should not have anything to do with "kusochnichestvom" such right food mini-techniques should be thought out.

How to choose a useful snack

Snacks can also be stowed in the concept of proper nutrition. In order not to harm the figure, it is necessary to use a healthy diet recipes, focusing on dishes that do not need cooking or cooking takes a minimum of time. Here are some options for non-caloric snacks.

1. Fruit smoothies on the low-fat milk or yogurt. Prepare in a blender delicious drink of the favorite fruits in a matter of seconds. It is best to drink it in the morning, to give the body vitality. The best choice for smoothies are seasonal fruits, but you can use frozen fruit pieces. It should be used for the basis of low-fat yogurt, milk, and it will make quite a hearty snack and easy. So calorie fruit smoothies can be an average of about 250 calories, if we estimate the volume of product in 350 ml.

2. Adygei cheese - in this non-nutritive cheese contains a lot of vitamins. Fermented milk product with a delicate taste good for digestion and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. Therefore, it is ideal for a snack. In 100 g. portions of cheese contains about 240 kcal.

3. Fresh vegetables. In order to, for example, chopped carrots or tomatoes with cucumbers is well absorbed and sufficiently suppressed appetite, you can supplement them with healthy and tasty sauce of chickpeas - hummus. Such an snack at a volume of 200 g. pull the caloric content on 220-230 kcal.

4. Boiled boiled egg and one piece of fruit. For example, you can eat after breakfast egg and pear. Calorie snacks will be less than 220 calories, and the pleasure from eating a juicy fruit stretched long.

5. Walnuts and one fruit. The source of healthy fats and other essential substances can be combined with fruits, to not be hungry for a long time. To do this, select the green apple and 5-7 pcs. nuts. Calories do not require the preparation of meals shall not exceed 240 calories.